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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Transitions by D.A. Lascelles

Transitions by D.A. Lascelles
Publisher: Mundania Press, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (61 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Transitions takes us on a journey through time. In modern day Birmingham , a group of university students become embroiled in a love story almost 2,000 years old as the ghost of Gaius Lucius, a Roman officer tries to reclaim his lost love.

What can Helen, a driven and ambitious student with high hopes for the future, do to solve this ancient riddle? And why is Brandon making late night visits to her house with tokens of love?

What happens when a desperate Roman soldier from ancient times has only one shot at his goal, and that means arriving in modern-day England to make things happen?

Gaius Lucius is a hard working, sincere, Roman who is losing his beloved wife. He tries everything to save her, but she’s sick, dying. His last option is so unconventional that he’d normally laugh it off as a joke. However, there are no other options. Gotta give the guy points for fighting to the end for love.

He shows up on a college campus in a non-corporeal form to disturb the lives of some students.

This story flips back and forth between his tale in the past, and that of the present college students. Their perception of the occurrences is frightening.

Brandon is a loner, Helen is ambitious yet not confident in her physical appearance, and her friend Tina is easygoing and likeable. At first, Helen does something to make her unlikeable. She accidentally hurts Brandon but is then in too much of a hurry to assist him as he’s lying on the ground bleeding. Brandon may be a loner, but he has things to recommend him. Then strange things happen to him, mainly, the Roman starts to take over his life. Things get really weird for him. For an odd reason, he likes Helen, the woman who knocked him over then ran off. He can’t stop thinking about her. Next, Helen keeps thinking about him. A possible romance is in the offing.

Helen, Brandon, and their friends, as well as the Roman are realistically drawn. The style and language of the story are presented well. The mystery in the plot keeps things going. One doesn’t know what to expect. This is a unique story of one love found and another lost.