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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Chocolatier and the Maitre Patissier by Sheryl McGinnis

The Chocolatier and the Maitre Patissier by Sheryl McGinnis
Publisher: Topaz Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (37 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Angelique attends Escoffier L’ecole Patisserie in Paris, where she studies to become a master pastry chef. On the wings of the Fates, Philippe, a master chocolatier, enters her life. In four romantic days, the couple develops an indestructible bond. Unfortunately, Angelique has finished her studies in Paris. Her very own pastry shop awaits in New Orleans. Worlds apart, the couple bid adieu and go their separate ways. Can Angelique find amour in the arms of another?

Angelique Beaumont is a student pastry chef in Paris. Sad that she’ll be returning to New Orleans soon, she decides to enjoy herself and stops off at her favorite Patisserie. There, she meets a handsome waiter named Phillipe and the attraction is instant and very mutual. Overcome by each other, they indulge in a week long affair and fall madly in love. Reality hits them, however, as Phillipe needs to return to Switzerland and Angelique New Orleans. Upset, but both determined to continue their dreams, they go their separate ways.

While the connection between Angelique and Phillipe is strong and passionate, this short story is slightly different from many others in that our hero and heroine spend the middle section of the tale apart. Angelique needs to live her own life and come to her own conclusions about what she wants and who she needs as part of her life. A sweet story, but still infused with the l’amour of Paris and delicious delicacies of both a master chocolatier and pasissier, this is a fun and tempting read.

Despite the break between our protagonists I enjoyed the differences in this story from so many others. I felt it let us understand Angliquie’s position far better than had she not struck out for herself. The warmth and chemistry between her and Phillipe is undeniable and with all the luscious foods described it made a mouth-watering read. Recommended.