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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lone Star Joy by Kathleen Ball

Lone Star Joy by Kathleen Ball
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: contemporary, suspense/mystery
Length: short story (130 pages)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

Sexy, Cowboy, Stamos Walker runs a work release program for nonviolent male prisoners. When Joy Courtland shows up on his doorstep, he assumes she's the nanny. He hands her his son and rushes out to work.

Joy, a convicted felon, bonds with little Dillon immediately. Stamos isn't happy when he returns and finds out Joy is not the nanny.

While trying to get Joy back to prison through the proper channels, Stamos realizes Joy is not a killer. He doesn't want her to go back to prison. Stamos is willing to try everything he can to keep Joy safe even if it means marriage.

Joy has a new shot at life, if someone doesn't ruin it for her first. The opening of Lone Star Joy had me intrigued right away. The heroine, Joy, has just been released from prison on a work release, and I wondered, what she could have done.....

It isn't easy for her, though. She has a past that promises to catch up to her. Not everyone wants to give her a second chance. Not when they know exactly what they claimed she did. Not when she spent years in prison for a crime that anyone would cringe over. Yet Joy has this kindness about her. She also has this fear and worry. But this woman is one strong character and she's had to endure a lot if her life, only to keep getting it piled on. I like Joy. She held promise right from the start, and all I wanted was to know her story, and how she got where she did. Thank goodness for men like Stamos, that believes in second chances.

What can I say about Stamos? He's one heck of a hero. He runs a ranch, has an adorable son, and he believes in people. Though at first glance at her file, he can't have Joy on the ranch, but a series of events keep her there, and Stamos gets a glimpse of what Joy is really like. That makes him start to wonder... The one thing about Stamos is that he has a caring heart. He's very willing to help. There was one spot in the book, however that he has a huge character flaw. There was a scene where he acted too much out of character, completely out of nowhere, and there was no rhyme or reason why, especially when he'd been so understanding and kind throughout the rest of the story.

Still, overall the story flowed well. The chemistry between Joy and Stamos was believable and executed well. The conflicts and tension arise, and it only made their want and need even stronger. The suspense element played out well. There were a few secrets and surprises revealed. It's a great blend of contemporary and suspense. Ms. Ball has done a great job with this book.

If you need a dose of romance, mystery and well created characters, why don't you have a little Lone Star Joy of you own?