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Monday, December 10, 2012

Bella’s Impossible Boss by Michelle Douglas

Bella’s Impossible Boss by Michelle Douglas
Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises Limited
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full Length (192 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Iris

From the wrong side of the tracks, Dominic Wright is fiercely proud of his successful career—and his latest project is his gateway to the big time! The downside? Dominic is expected to babysit the boss's spoiled daughter.

Bella Maldini knows hotshot Dominic by reputation, and where women are concerned it's a bad one! Still, if Bella wants this project to succeed she must work closely with Dominic. If only he weren't so impossible—cynical, complicated, controlled—and, worst of all, sexier than any man she's ever met!

Even if I had not read the front of the book, I would have known this was a Harlequin Romance. It had a solid plot and characters and a standard crisis. In this case, our characters are Bella and Dominic.

Bella, presents as the “flighty” daughter of the business owner. She is out to please her dad and prove once and for all that she is worthy of his love and a place in his company. Dominic is the young executive. He is hard working, and making a positive impression on his boss, Bella’s dad. Because he is a trusted employee, and gets results, he is entrusted with the project on which Dad places Bella. Because Dominic is determined “not to become his father”, he is very firm with Bella and refuses to see her creative side as an asset to the project.

As with all good Harlequins, they are thrown together. In this case, the company only has one apartment available to house the both of them during the project. This means they need to learn to work together. Oh, yes - there is also the addition of a cat.

They become accustomed to living and working together, each finding some good in each other until the crisis occurs, and changes the nature of the business and the working relationship.

As the crisis resolves, a new relationship occurs and we find the characters working towards the happily ever after.

Even though the story is basically laid out above, the beauty is in the details. For those of us with wanderlust, the story is set in Australia. But even with that, the story did not seem foreign. The aforementioned cat adds an interesting twist. Bella and Dominic aren’t all that they seem.

Speaking of Bella and Dominic. . . Bella, although she is constantly trying to get her father to approve of her, is an intelligent young woman. She knows what she wants to do, even though it isn’t necessarily something of which she feels Dad will approve.

Dominic, on the other hand, is fairer than he first appears. He never becomes the wishy-washy hero that has fallen in love, but again, does not remain the tough-as-nails boss who never shows his feelings until the very end. In that respect, he seems more real to this reader.

There is also a fair amount of humor added throughout. It added humanity to the characters and allows the reader to continue on!

In all, this story was exactly as promised – an enjoyable read. No twists and turns, but enough individuality in the characters to make the reading worthwhile.