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Monday, October 8, 2012

More than a Kiss by Stacey Joy Netzel

More than a Kiss by Stacey Joy Netzel
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (128 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Quince

When a kiss...

All reporter Sadie Barton wants is to be taken seriously and judged on her own merits, not her stepfather’s money. She and her actress sister left Wisconsin to get out from under his controlling thumb and leave behind the malicious whispers that they’re no better than their gold-digging mother. But California isn’t all sun and fun, and paying the rent while trying to prove herself is harder than she ever imagined. more than a kiss...

Something about Sadie drew self-made millionaire Zach Robinson—and it wasn’t just the amazing kiss they shared as impromptu actors in his company's commercial. He’s used to women being interested in his wealth, and Sadie’s fierce independence is an enticing breath of fresh air. He’s falling fast—until his brother suggests acting runs in her family and Sadie might not be exactly what she seems...

Sometimes it seems that sweet, straight contemporary romance novels are a dying genre and it always make me happy when I am proved wrong. If the characters are from different social statuses then the book is on my “to read list” automatically. More Than a Kiss falls in both categories and I am very glad that I had a chance to read it.

This is a lovely, sweet romance with great characters. The main characters are Zach and Sadie. Zach is a self-made millionaire, while Sadie is the stepdaughter of a very rich man. She and her sister decide to make it by themselves, so basically that means she is poor. Zach is good looking, funny, and the man with the ideas and determination to see them through. He is super rich but he is such a down to earth person, he really knows how to enjoy life. Sadie is cute, funny and also very determined to succeed, but not at all costs.

The attraction between them is instant and they are really great together even if, at first, they are not able to realize that. One of the major obstacles for their relationship is that that Zach was under his brother's influence, colored by having had a bad experience with his deceiving ex-fiancée. Sadie, on the other hand had so much emotional baggage. The main conflict being that she did not want to be labeled as a gold digger. All of this could be solved easily, but unfortunately things got very complicated and lots of prejudice came between them. Therefore Zach and Sadie were challenged with so many hindrances on their way to happiness that in the end, I was wondering if they would even have their HEA. The bottom line was that because of their previous experiences, they did not trust each other easily. But, since love conquers all, they managed to overcome all obstacles and fall even deeper in love.

Although it has already been said, More Than a Kiss is a really sweet contemporary romance with a satisfying plot that put a smile on my face more than once while I was reading.