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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Savage Hunger by Terry Spear

Savage Hunger by Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (341 pgs)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

As a jaguar he is graceful and gorgeous...

Speedy and stealthy...

Fierce, independent, and wild...

As a man he is passionate and powerful...

Willful and wonderful...

And he'll stop at nothing to protect what's his...

Savage Hunger is as steamy a story as the humidity of the jungle it takes place in and is just as dangerous. Take a good look at the wonderful and vibrant cover. See the woman peeking over the shoulder of the hot hunk? That is none other than Kathleen, the heroine, and I have to give the artist credit. Kat has this really saucy and cheeky wit that pops out with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and the artist captured her at a moment of devilish plotting. Poor Connor doesn’t stand a chance.

Ms. Spear cracked me up with what she gave the heroine as her little problem. It placed Kat in quite a few prickly situations that always led to exciting scenes that I couldn’t step away from. Time to eat? “Let it cool down, I’m at a good part.” That’s pretty much how my whole experience was in reading Savage Hunger. Every time I thought things were going to smooth out or they’d have a moment of reprieve, something seemed to happen that compelled me to keep turning the pages. The adventure of discovery, of outwitting the bad guys and staying one step ahead of certain torture and death insured that there wasn’t a dull moment in any of the chapters. Certainly, I didn’t want to stop reading until I got to the final wrap-up and happy ever after.

In addition to Kat’s embarrassing difficulty is the new predicament she finds herself which leads her to experience eating raw fish with its subsequent stinky breath, and stripping at very inconvenient moments. It’s going to take a special kind of guy to guard her when these quirks take place and there’s no better hero than Connor to get the job done.

I enjoyed reading the story in Connor’s point of view. I liked it when he took it in stride when Maya, his sister, and Kat ganged up on him. I loved how protective he was of both women, yet he respected their strengths. His love for his sister came through strongly in the writing. His growing love and wonder over finding as wonderful a mate as Kat was great to read. His sense of honor almost cost him having Kat in his life, but as much as he loved his sister, she loved him just as much and proved it, providing an opportunity for Connor and Kat to bond. It was hit or miss in the beginning and caused its own level of drama and suspense, but the journey was worth it.

A heightened level of drama came from the bad guys. One evil drug lord pulled the strings and he was persistent, deadly and vicious. Every time I thought the trio would finally make headway in getting to safety, someone somewhere would say something that gave the criminals a lead. It drove me nuts but it also allowed the lead characters to show off all that they could do and would do in the name of survival. It didn’t hurt that Ms. Spear threw in an effective hook for another jaguar story. The stalker turned out to be who I thought it was but I’m really hoping that he will indeed turn out to be a good guy and I know just the person who’d be good for him. It didn’t help matters any that Kat’s ex mentioned something that made me think otherwise, but I refuse to be deterred. I think he’d make a great addition to the jaguar family.

Speaking of Kat’s ex-fiancĂ©, he’s a worm. Enough said.

What is awesome to mention is the waterfall scene. Why that water didn’t evaporate from the scorching heat generated between Connor and Kat, I have no idea. It was seductive, effective and a delicious bit of writing. That was my favorite but the author gave the hero and heroine plenty of opportunities to explore, delight and please the other with an intensity that might make a reader or two blush. I had fun.

Some readers might take exception to Kat’s seemingly easy acceptance to her new station in life. Not me. I found it refreshing to not have to deal with drama queen antics on top of life and death situations. What was done was done and Kat, being the practical military woman she is, assessed the benefits versus cons and concluded she was getting everything she ever wanted plus benefits. She just had to survive first to enjoy them.

The happy ever after was satisfying. The author touched base on a lot of little subjects that appeared throughout the story and tied the loose ends up with a huggable ending. Now the only thing left is to read the next book in the series to find out if Maya is going to meet who I think she might meet. I am eagerly looking forward to the next jaguar adventure.

Savage Hunger leaves a reader hungering for more of this awesome and exciting new world that Ms. Spear has created. The author has written a story with a lovable heroine, an alpha hero who’s not obnoxious or overbearing, and a fun sister to tag along and complicate Connor’s life. The food they eat is exotic although the eating establishments are earthy, and they spend more time using trees than Tarzan. This new series is exhilarating and filled with rich and vibrant descriptions to make a reader feel like they’re in the thick of the Amazon jungle. There are moments of humor, of tenderness and pure hot loving. In short, Savage Hunger has the best of all the elements that make readers of paranormal romances happy. Pounce on your own copy and see for yourself.