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Friday, September 28, 2012

Monkey Jump by Deborah Riley-Magnus

Monkey Jump by Deborah Riley-Magnus
The Twice Baked Vampire Series Book 2
Publisher: ireadiwrite Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (139 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Twice-baked vampire Gabriel Strickland may appear to be coping well with the responsibilities his life after double-death has dealt him, but it's only show. The struggle to earn his ticket through the Pearly Gates takes a toll when he's assigned to perform a Monkey Jump - a program designed to teach newly assigned management the skills required to do their job. To soften the blow, he takes Dori as his assistant. What he wants is peace and serenity to think things through, what he gets is startling temptation and a Soul Eater with his sidekick, Master Witch Neave Brittania Cook. One has a revenge agenda and the other, designs on Gabriel's soul. The Monkey Jump itinerary, scheduled for Phoenix and Seattle, takes a perilous detour to a north Alaskan community of the oldest, most evolved vampires on the planet. Secrets must be kept and Gabriel must protect Dori as well as his own path to paradise. Well, hell, this can't be good.

Being undead and then suddenly less dead but not completely alive would be disconcerting enough for most paranormals. For twice baked vampire, Gabrielle, it’s only the beginning.

He’s met someone to love and now he just has to keep Dori alive while completing some serious OJT called a Monkey Jump.

I have to say, Ms. Riley-Magnus has one crazy vivid imagination. Cold in California laid the foundation and Monkey Jump was the clever follow through. As with book one, the story flows well and the writing is clean. This author knows how to world build and imparts pertinent details to make the events and setting vivid.

When Gabe and Dori end up in a quirky town in Alaska they aren’t alone and they aren’t the only ones with secrets. This is one adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

Book one ended on a cliffhanger that is worked through in book two so I highly recommend reading them in order. If you think you’ve read “the vampire story” and think it’s been overdone, you haven’t read The Twice Baked Vampire series, yet. But you should. Pick up a copy today.