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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Perfect Knight for Love by Jackie Ivie

A Perfect Knight For Love by Jackie Ivie
Publisher: Zebra
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (312 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

A Man Of Misfortune

With his reckless, drunken brother bringing ruin to the clan, and the lass he's loved all his life in the clutches of a violent husband, the last thing Thayne MacGowan needs is a spirited, sharp–tongued damsel to contend with—no matter how enticing she may be...

A Woman With A Secret

Having narrowly escaped an objectionable arranged marriage, Amalie is starting a new life—with a new identity. But her freedom is cut short when a surly but irresistibly handsome Highlander is forced to take her as his bride. If only he knew who she really was...

An Unlikely Love

Fate designs an improbable match, and a battle of wills ensues. As Amalie struggles to protect her identity, Thayne finds himself fighting for an unexpected love—and a passion neither can refuse...

Danger, confusion, and a barbaric bunch of Scottish clansmen derail Lady Amalie Ellin’s neat, tidy plan to impersonate a governess for a while to escape having to wed the imbecilic son of a rich duke.

How Amalie, who is accustomed to luxury and privilege, adapts to often harsh and always challenging circumstances enthralls. She had no idea freedom came with fear, risks, and peril in so many forms. But she is smart, resilient, self-reliant, and courageous with an imagination and play-acting ability that serves her well in dire situations.

Thayne MacGowan, in a spur-of-the-moment maneuver to protect ones dear to him, grabs the unknown “English governess” to use in a ploy to defer an out-and-out battle with the cruel Dunne-Fyne. The tiny, sassy, argumentative Amalie, with the amber-eyes, sets his libido on full alert. He knows it’s just lust because his dead Mary is his only true love, but the little, sharp-tongued woman snuggled tight against his chest as they ride through freezing rain, makes his ache with need and wanting.

What a tangled web they weave when, in order to stay alive, Thayne and Amalie both say, in the presence of all, that they are married and Baby Mary is theirs.

The code of chivalry Thayne lives by is cold, lonely, punishing, and seemingly fruitless. He carries a burden of guilt for not being able to fulfill the promise to his father, on this deathbed. Thayne had been unable to hide Jamie’s perfidies as his father had demanded. All knew of the new laird, Jamie’s drunkenness, his gluttony, and his cruel womanizing. The old laird wanted to keep the name MacGowan noble, feared, revered, and sacrosanct.

Jackie Ivie creates secondary characters that pulsate with energy and intrigues as they ramp up the tension in the story. Even the harsh, unpredictable weather, the magnificent Castle Gowan, and the harsh yet beautiful environment seem to come alive as characters that influence the outcome of events.

Among the ugly, cruel and threatening events, a humorous, comic relief is the MacKennah young girl with whom Thayne broke betrothal. She, in her own inept way, does a good thing, but only because it suits her own purpose. Her attitude and actions set the reader’s mind at ease. She is not one to pine away her life shut away in the recesses of some old castle. She is looking out for number one.

Then there is Jamie’s wife, of the Douglas clan, and a harridan. She stirs a totally different set of emotions. She too is looking for number one, but in a threatening, angry way. All her rich attire and surrounds cannot hide her ugliness both inside and out.

As the conflicts ebb and flow, love grows. Amalie, young and na├»ve, knows not how to define the stirrings within when she sees, touches, or thinks of Thayne. Of course, Thayne maintains love is a woman’s weapon—akin to slavery, However, Amalie, beautiful as a Grecian statue, only made of responsive flesh and blood, ties his body and mind in knots with wanting and need. Everything about her calls to him and the lust turns to love with his denying it every step of the way—an emotional journey that captivates. The earth-shattering love scenes make A Perfect Knight For Love throb with ecstasy and sensual sweetness—breathtaking. Ms. Ivie’s magnificent descriptions, incredibly realistic characters, and her amazing ability to pull the reader into the emotional whirlpool of feelings from spine-tingling fear and horror to breathtaking, mind-blowing rapture make A Perfect Knight For Love fantastic reading.