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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Loyal Companion by Barbara Metzger

A Loyal Companion by Barbara Metzger
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (100 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Aloe


And certainly no proper chaperon. Fitz begged to disagree--after all, a dog was a true Incomparable as far as friendship, loyalty, and protection--and soon lovely Miss Sonia was plucked by her rusticated roots and packed off, dog and all, to London. Perhaps there she would find a husband to tame her free-spirited ways--and keep her out of trouble.

Sonia, however, always had a soft spot for the underdog, and Darius Conover was such a fellow. Scorned by society for a scandalous deed, Conover was not redeemed even by his heroics in battle. Until he met Sonia and Fitz, two passionate souls undaunted by even the most odious circumstances--and decidedly determined to undo the shackles binding his heart.

Sonia was going to pick her own spouse, not get matched up with some high toned gentleman who wanted her money. She was going to marry for love. However, that was never going to happen if her grandmother had anything to say about it…

This book is set in Victorian times, when the ton could make or break any member of society. I find this time period interesting to read about, but I’d never survive there. I’m too outspoken and make my own decisions. That’s why I liked Sonia. She was just like me and her antics and softly spoken snide comments made me grin.

Sonia’s father has spoiled her. When Sonia let his prize dog out during heat and the prize dog from the farm next door impregnated her, he was furious. But Sonia saved the puppies from death and even claimed one for her own. Here's where the book gets really good: The new puppy, Fitz, has his own contribution to the story. Have you ever read a book where an animal tells the tale? I enjoy those and enjoyed Fitz’s contribution to this story, too. Fitz tells you about how a dog views life and how silly humans are. With all that goes on in this story, you almost have to agree with him.

The author introduces Sonia to a wounded war veteran that has been slandered and is scorned by the ton. She then takes her main character through a variety of attempts to help clear his name. Add in a newly remarried father who goes off on his honeymoon, three children who are living with their uncle (Sonia’s love interest) and a ton member who wants Sonia’s money for his gambling debts and the story gets very interesting indeed.

Amusing and heart-warming, this tale grabbed me. The dog’s voice is a great addition, and I found it very easy to relate to the young woman and her “impossible” love. In fact, I liked this story so much I have purchased a copy for my library. I’ll re-read it. Any story that leaves me with a big smile on my face is a winner in my book.