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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Lady and Her Magic by Tammy Falkner

A Lady and Her Magic by Tammy Falkner
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (351 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Rules Are Made to be Disobeyed...

Sophia Thorne is new to the Regency's glittering high society, which resembles her magical homeland only insofar as both places are filled with ridiculous rules. Which means no matter where she goes, she's bound for trouble...

And Scandals Are Meant to be Shocking...

The Duke of Robinsworth has flaunted and shocked society for years. In a moment of fateful mischief, Robinsworth encounters the enchanting and distinctly scandalous Sophia. Between her streak of magical mischief and his penchant for scandal, they're about to take rule-breaking to a whole new level...

She’s on a mission: to remove the sadness from the Duke. She has a list of rules she cannot break and she’s determined not to. She does improve the Duke’s attitude, but she doesn’t have much luck with those rules…

Ms. Falkner writes a good story that flows well and is full of spirit, emotions, and love for the two main characters. When Sophia calms his little girl, he’s impressed. When Sophia sees him, she feels butterflies in her stomach. Nobody said he was that good looking! While Sophia works on her goal, which is to make him accept his wife’s death and stop blaming himself for it, he’s working on his goal. He wants to capture her heart. One of Sophia’s rules is that she can’t tell him she’s Fae.

The author placed Sophia in the human world with her grandmother, a maid, and a garden gnome who follows her around. Ms. Falkner gave her a difficult assignment: it’s hard to complete her mission without falling in love with the Duke. The supporting characters often express frustration with her, especially Ronald, the garden gnome. Three of the main supporting cast include the Duke's brother who goes out of his way to have words with Sophia, their mother and a decidedly wicked grandmother. I spent time laughing about what Grandma brought up at parties; she cared not who was listening. While all this going on, the author takes me back to the world of Fae and where the grandfather is plotting. I knew something was going on, but I wasn't sure how it would all turn out.

I enjoy stories about the world of Fae and this author does a very nice job of melding the two worlds together. She gives you fun characters with lots of quirks to make them interesting and the result of her work is magical on its own.

If you like a touch of magic in your stories, this book is for you. If you believe in the power of love, this book is also for you. And if you like a good adventure, this one will work for that, too. Why not get a copy and see what you think?