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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Virgin's Revenge by Dee Tenorio

The Virgin's Revenge by Dee Tenorio
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (253 pages)
Heat Level: hot
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

If you can’t beat ’em…seduce ’em.

A Rancho del Cielo Romance

Amanda Jackman’s love life is the stuff dreams are made of...which is fitting, because it’s all in her head. Thanks to six oversized, overbearing brothers who treat her like the family jewel, she’s lived in a padded little box.

Determined to get a life before she needs a padded little cell, she sets out to throw off the yoke and live on her own terms. Except she seriously underestimates the lengths to which her brothers will go to keep her safe and sound.

Cole Engstrom’s life might just be at an end. Cornered by all six of the massive Jackmans—men he normally considers his friends—he learns he’s their choice to marry their sister...or else. Make that first choice, but not the last.

Rather than watch Amanda’s brothers club their way through potential mates, Cole figures it’s best to just play along for a while and buy her some time to find a man of her own. It’s a good plan. Until Amanda figures it out—and decides he’s the one to relieve her of her “sheltered little virgin” status. One seduction at a time...

What do you do when an older brother and friend meddle in your life? Revenge, of course! What a perfect set up for this light-hearted, wonderful romance.

It's not easy being the only girl in the family. Amanda has SIX brothers! That might be cause for a bit of a buzz kill for any guy that dares get close to Amanda. Hence the reason she's lived far too sheltered a life. It takes Amanda the duration of this book, but step by step, she begins to branch out on her own and do things her brothers would go crazy over...and do! I felt for her. I have an understanding of being too protected. Amanda comes off as a doormat sometimes, but she does grow during the story. She gains the ability to stand up to others that push her around. I admired her for that.

Cole, a family friend, is the hero of the book. He finds himself in a bit of a predicament...what else could he do? Cole and Amanda have known each other for a long time, little does either know what's in store for the both of them.

The Virgin's Revenge is a feel good, romantic comedy story that also has plenty of character growth. With reading this story, it's my first time being introduced to the author's work, and I very much enjoyed this. There's plenty of situations that made me laugh and smile, and I wanted a victorious, happy ending for Amanda and Cole!

The secondary characters play a strong role throughout the story. Amanda's oldest brother, Locke, for instance. He's a bit of a pushy, stuffy man even though I knew he had honest intentions. He's a character that intrigued me and I have hopes for a story of his own. I'd love to know what drives him to do some of the things he does.

Overall, The Virgin's Revenge captured my heart. I was left with a smile on my face after I finished it. This is the type of story I can turn to again and again in times of needing a comforting laugh. If you like a contemporary fun story, hurry and grab The Virgin's Revenge for your own.