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Monday, May 14, 2012

This Magic Moment by Daryn Cross

This Magic Moment by Daryn Cross
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (194 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

Zack Graham, CEO of Scrumbles Snack Cakes and Crandall Drake, CEO of Pretzelcious Pretzels are workaholics. Mike Kramer and Gretta Fishman, who work for each CEO respectively, are not. What’s worse, Mike and Gretta are lovers who can’t spend time with each other due to their bosses’ OCD work habits. But they have a plan: ask Maxwell Magic, the magnanimous, magical, mystery matchmaker, to solve their problem by getting their two bosses to stop working and start loving in a match that lasts forever. Zack and Crandall are in for a crazy ride, because Maxwell knows all and he will design a plan that is infallible; but, in the process they will have long-hidden secrets exposed and will be forced to sacrifice more than they thought possible to gain what they never thought could come true. But it can, because it’s magic—This Magic Moment!

All work and no play makes a person dull! It's even worse when you work for someone that's dull, especially when you want to spend all the time you can with ones you love. So what's one to do in this situation? Set them up! Oh boy, can you smell the smoke...this could be trouble. The sparks are going to fly when two people that are so alike end up together despite their best efforts not to.

Zack is a busy CEO. He doesn't have time for things like love, or even a life. His world centers around his company, and it shows. As the story unfolds, however, readers are bound to see a difference in Zack. Despite his workaholic ways, he is a decent man. Although I admit, there is one thing about him that bothered me- his lack of attention towards someone who should be at the top of his list.

Then we have Crandall Drake. She's just as much of a career minded person as Zack- and one of his competitors. She's got some trust issues, as readers will find out throughout the story. She wants to trust Zack, but there are plenty of times where she says things that are far fetched.

The two as a couple intrigue me. I couldn't wait to see how this story played out. Matching up two people who didn't make room for love? And they're in the same field as competing companies? Yes, things were bound to get heated, I knew this from the start. I was right! There were some intense moments between the pair!

This Magic Moment is touching, funny and beautiful. Everyone deserves a happy ending. Zack and Crandall just had to learn to open their hearts to the possibility. This author has executed the plot so well, created memorable and charming characters, and I couldn't help but fall in love with the story and it's people.

If you're looking for a great romance, then why not allow a little magic into your hearts? Don't you want a magic moment of your own?