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Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Say Yes by Phillipa Ashley

Just Say Yes by Phillipa Ashley
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (356 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

There's one question a girl should always say yes to...

But Lucy Gibson said no. On national TV. Now she's hated by nearly everyone.

Fleeing the spotlight's glare, Lucy holes up in a cottage in the country, where she just might find the right reasons to say yes after all...

From beloved novelist Philipa Ashley, Just Say Yes is a sharp and exuberant tale of the rocky road to love that'll leave you saying "Yes!"

Lucy Gibson’s life is a muddled mess. A mediocre job, parties that produce miserable hangovers, and trying to sort out her feelings about Nick Laurentis, the gorgeous but unreliable man she has a “sort” of relationship with have her unsettled.

When Nick makes her a prime target for the tabloids, she departs the city with Fiona, to stay at Fiona’s cottage at the sea shore. There, where no one knows who she really is, she seeks answers, but none seem to be forth coming and the constant worry about being recognized hounds her.

“Not-quite-telling-the-truth’ and not knowing where she's going in her life has Lucy worn to a frazzle. Consequently, when Josh Standring offers her a job cleaning cottages and settling in new renters for the season, Lucy accepts. Josh, a windsurfer and former bad boy, has a relationship with Sara who works at the yacht club, so Lucy declares him off-limits, but convincing her heart and body is another thing.

Fiona, Lucy’s best friend, is a successful author and often uses her “creative” thinking to offer Lucy advice, some of which leads to strife. Her “research” and how she chooses her male companions make for some delightful reading. Of course, her dog Hengist does his part in the humor department as he blunders about and frolics with Tally, Josh’s black Labrador.

Josh has a past that he's still trying to come to terms with. It often colors his view of people. To him trust and honesty are “musts”. He's also working through many other issues, like growing up and accepting the responsibility of taking care of his inheritance if he expects it to make him a living.

Charlie, Lucy’s neighbor and friend in London, creates his own special type of humor, but he also looks after her when things are unpleasant. He injects some clever British humor into this piece. Just Say Yes is full of bathos, irreverence, innuendo and ambiguity, and misinterpreting what is heard. The story sweeps the reader into a fictitious world that bubbles with comic relief as it reveals a love story that thrills the heart.

Phillipa Ashley creates fun-to-read fiction while subtly working in humanity’s bent to commit more than a few of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’. She uses humor in a winsome, wicked way to shepherd the characters past their flaws and foibles to propel them to a happy-ever-after with a sizzle. Just Say Yes is sparkling entertainment!