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Friday, May 11, 2012

Grimm Tidings by Shiloh Walker

Grimm Tidings by Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (164 Pages)
Heat level: Hot
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Never fear the pain. Fear what lies behind it…

Grimm’s Circle, Book 6

In his mortal life, the only thing Jacob liked better than money was a good brawl—until he stuck his fist into the wrong fight, and a demon sent him spinning into a new life as a Grimm.

Now, a hundred years later, he’s been called to protect someone too much like himself. A woman who could let the chains of her past drag her down unless she learns to let go. A woman who fights like there’s no tomorrow, because she clearly doesn’t want a tomorrow.

Celeste thought her second chance at life would be an opportunity to fix some of her worst mistakes, to set things straight. She couldn’t have been more wrong. She’s trapped by the past and her regrets, and nothing—not even her darkly sexy new trainer, Jacob—has a blade sharp enough to cut her loose.

Chains are Jacob's specialty, but his help comes with a price. To her, the cost is her heart. To Jacob…something much more.

Sometimes, you just have to let the past go, and not worry about what might have been. Celine’s biggest problem is that she hasn’t been able to let go of what was, so she fights demons as a Grimm for all the wrong reasons. She's worked with almost every available trainer, and Will hasn't found one able to reach her to help her move on. When she's paired with Jacob, will he be the one who can, finally, help her make the break with the past and move on in her new life as a Grimm? Can she finally put the past behind her, and find a new reason to fight and enjoy life once again? Can she find in Jacob what she is so desperately seeking with each new battle-a reason to go on?

I have been a fan of Shiloh Walker’s Grimm’s Circle series since the very first book, and look forward to each new release. Ms. Walker’s world is one that is dark, brooding and filled with danger at every turn. The characters are all too human, with flaws and weaknesses just like the rest of us, with one difference: they are all given second chances to become guardians of the human race as Grimms, guardian angels who fight the demons who would possess humanity and destroy life.

Celine is strong, fast and willing to fight any demon she sees; the more the better. But until she can let go of her old life and the feelings of guilt and failure, she won’t be more than a fighting machine, and may even be dangerous to herself and others. She has regrets, and wishes she could settle the problems she had with her husband before her ‘death’ and rebirth as a Grimm. I liked watching as Celine grew and realized she wanted something that would never have been. I enjoyed watching as she waged her battle of will against Jacob, and I liked her ability to accept her new role in life.

Jacob is a man haunted by his past, and the life he had before he became a Grimm. Strong, loyal and determined, he knows where Celine is at because he has been in the same kind of situation she's experiencing. He learned long ago to accept what couldn’t be changed and has finally moved on as best as he could. I liked Jacob, with his silent supporting ways, and his smoldering desire for Celine that slowly becomes a deep passion and desire to see the woman whole and content with life.

As with every Grimm’s Circle book, I enjoyed the guessing game of who the literary character might be in this one, and I was delighted to discover I was right in this case. No, I will not spoil the surprise of who Ms. Walker brought to this tale, and the deliciously intriguing twist she puts on the history behind this character’s life. There are some intense fight scenes here, and some touching and emotional scenes, especially the one between Celine and her husband that helps begin the healing for both. And it just wouldn’t be Shiloh Walker without the super hot passion between Celine and Jacob. There is something for everyone here, and I highly recommend making your escape to Grimm’s Circle soon.