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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moonlight Becomes You by Karen Wiesner

Moonlight Becomes You by Karen Wiesner
part of TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE Volume VII by Jewels Of The Quill
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (62 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Very loosely based on “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse”. When her child becomes deathly ill and none of the doctors and specialists can help him, Heather Rowe rushes to Woodcutter's Grim, hoping the boy's father can explain what's happening. But Lance Shaussegeny both intrigues and terrifies Heather as much as what he's told her of his hometown does. She soon learns that nothing in Woodcutter's Grim—including Lance—is what it seems.

Will Heather ever accept the darkness in herself?

To say that Heather and Lance’s connection is intense would be a massive understatement. Ms. Wiesner did an excellent job of showing just how potent their feelings are for each other. The attraction Ms. Wiesner created between these characters transcends anything physical or emotional. It's rooted in the very core of their beings. They can sense each other and even hear each other's thoughts. I could practically feel the heat between Heather and Lance when they were near each other and the despair they experienced when they were apart. Even though they both know they are meant to be together, Heather manages to resist Lance for an entire year. I completely understand her reasons for staying away. As much as she loves Lance, she's also afraid of him and the darkness that lives in him. However, even though she tries to ignore it, that same darkness lives in Heather, but does she have the strength to accept it?

I admire Heather so much. Not only is she a woman struggling to understand the changes that came over her after making love to Lance, but she's also a new mother with a very sick child. My heart ached as she held her son and tried to understand what was wrong with him. She's terrified of going to Woodcutter’s Grim, but Heather is willing to face her own fears if it means saving her son. I became so wrapped up in Heather and her son’s struggle that I turned each page hoping they would find some peace.

I do have to say that I found Lance and his family a little creepy. While they welcomed Heather and her son with open arms, I also got a bit of a cultish vibe off them. As Heather struggled to understand what was going on, Lance and his family simply kept telling her to “accept it.” I know they meant well, but I found the whole situation a bit frustrating. I kept hoping Lance or someone in his family would sit down with Heather and have an open, honest discussion with her. On the other hand, I have to wonder if Heather, who's very stubborn, would have listened to what they had to say. In spite of this small issue, it's clear the love Lance and his family show Heather and her son is genuine and unconditional.

I enjoyed reading Moonlight Becomes You. Woodcutter’s Grim is certainly scary, but also is an intriguing place filled with interesting characters. I recommend it to anyone looking for a frightening fairytale.