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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Devil And Miss Jones by Kate Walker

The Devil And Miss Jones by Kate Walker
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (184 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

Martha Jones has never taken a risk in her whole life. Until the day she runs out on her wedding and succumbs to the magnetism of a man she has only just met! A man she knows only as Diablo.

Lone wolf Carlos Ortega won't promise Miss Jones more than one searing-hot night. Yet Carlos is shocked by Martha's sweet innocence. This runaway bride is a virgin, and it seems the repercussions of their sizzling encounter could last forever . . .

Any woman would be tempted by a Diablo on a motorcycle ready to take her away from her sad past and into an exciting new future. Miss Jones is no exception; she was ready to go with anyone willing to get her away from the drama that was her life so far. Luckily for her, Diablo is was the first passerby willing to take a chance on the runaway bride.

Carlos Ortega (Diablo) was the Latin flair that Miss Marta Jones needed. Diablo was a character I was immediately drawn to. While his good looks and bad boy attitude would entice any woman, it was really the mystery behind his eyes that intrigued me. I could tell from the very beginning there was more than what meets the eyes when it came to the mysterious man running away from his past life. I knew he wasn't the typical “bad guy” who would frighten old women in a dark alley. No, he was a man who's circumstances had changed and made him jaded. It made me want to learn more about him.

Miss Jones was not your typical runaway bride. She didn't get cold feet because things were moving too fast. No, she ran with cause, and refused to look back at not only her ex-fiancĂ© but the life that had lead her to the man she never wanted to see again. I knew her ex’s actions had to have been bad for her to be willing to run to Diablo. Her recent and lengthier background really molded her to a strong independent woman. Even when faced with situations that would break many women she sticks her chin up and fought. This is an admirable quality that every heroine should have.

The beginning of the story was a bit slow for me. The characters seem to go back and forth for a while on whether to trust one another enough for Martha to leave the site of her wedding. Once she finally decides to take the plunge the plot shot forward. The story development became exciting and continuously moved along at a brisk and steady pace. All the twists and turns in the story really made the reading go smoothly and I zipped right through the middle and onward to the end of the book. Don't judge this little gem on how the tale starts because the author definitely came through for me with the rest of the story.

Anyone who is a romantic at heart or really enjoys a good romance story would enjoy The Devil and Miss Jones.