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Monday, March 12, 2012

Same as it Never Was by Gabriella Lucas

Same as it Never Was by Gabriella Lucas
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (59 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Azalea

An artist with recurring dreams and the psychiatrist whose dreams mirror hers…is she a patient who needs his help? Or his soul mate from another time?

Psychiatrist Max Molinari specializes in past life regression. For years, he’s waited for a dream lover—the woman he has loved in many past lives—to walk through his door. Could his new patient be the one?

Artist Roz Lennon needs help unraveling her dreams of places she's never been and a man she's never met. When Roz draws the exact people and scenes from Max’s own regressive dreams, he has to fight to maintain his professional distance.

Roz could be the woman he’s searched for all his life, but he cannot lead her to that conclusion. Will Roz recognize him as they explore her dreams? Or is their soul-deep love all in his head?

Can a love exist through the ages?

Max Molinari has had recurring dreams since he was seven years old. Sometimes with different settings and time periods, but always with the same woman's face haunting him. Now forty years old and still unmarried, Max has a practice where he specializes in past life regressions, half in the hope one day he will find the green-eyed woman of his dreams. One evening at an art gallery, Max finds some sketches that mirror his own dreams and he asks the gallery owner to contact the woman who drew them.

Rosalind Lennon appears at Dr. Molinari's office clutching the card he gave the gallery owner. She, too, has been visited by recurring dreams and feels as though she has lived past lives. But Roz' eyes are blue and she doesn't recognize Max. In fact, there's no recognition on either side. Still, Max begins several sessions with the young magazine executive and part-time artist who tells of Welsh castles, Civil War battles and other tales, all familiar to Max. He cannot insert himself into the equation: it would be unethical. Besides, Roz looks nothing like his dream woman. Finally, Max is determined to visit the site of one of her sketches he has purchased, ­a waterfall he learns is Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Maybe there, he'll meet the dream woman.

I loved this story on many levels. It's interesting, colorful and well written. I immediately empathized with Max and then Roz. Ms. Lucas does a wonderful job of feeding in plot points in a realistic manner and keeping the pacing active. The reader is rooting for the lovers to reunite and hoping that Roz is the lost love or can direct Max to the woman who is. An excellent story that deserves a best book award in this reviewer's opinion.