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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pointe of Danger by Lisa Greer

Pointe of Danger by Lisa Greer
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Short (34 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rated: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Snapdragon

When Neve Warren finds an old pair of pointe shoes, a dangerous obsession from the past threatens to replay itself in her present.

Neve Warren, an injured ballerina, is spending the Christmas season in Ocean City, Maryland. Panic attacks and fears about her violent ex-boyfriend, Joshua Payne, challenge her attempt at recovery. After being followed one night on the local boardwalk, she realizes the past is never far behind.

Cam London, a police officer with his own troubled history, collides with Neve, literally, that night. When Neve finds out the history of the house she is renting and that the threats of the past coincide eerily with those of the present, can Cam keep her safe? And will Neve put the ghosts of the house to rest?

Lisa Greer’s thrilling Pointe of Danger packs the best of romance with a big splash of intrigue into a short, fast-paced read.

Ballerina Neve is in danger from the outset – she just knows it. And it's that danger that drives her straight into the most dashing man’s arms – a man with sapphire blue eyes. Of course, its Cam’s job to help out ladies in distress (he’s a cop), but somehow the conversation with him seems meaningful.

Neve’s past looms mysteriously from the shadows. She has the relatively recent bit of sadness, but more importantly, she also has that distant threat from a man she hoped she had left firmly in her past. Of course, reader’s suspicions are aroused at once. Neve has good reason for concern, but handily, that very concern brings Cam back in touch, with easy-to-believe reassurances.

Ah, we are relieved, and better yet, here is the nicely done kick-off to romance. Or is it?

Greer keeps us guessing with an unpredictable, yet somehow not complex, easy-to-believe plot line. She engages our emotions from start to finish.

The beach and tourist-y background are just right for a different, yet still nicely holiday-feeling story set at Christmas. The intrigue is well-supported by the dark and cluttered attic and Neve’s various explorations…and the premonitions in her dreams.

Ms. Greer's style is extraordinarily straightforward and readable. Her writing fades into the background, to allow her story to take center stage.

Gripping from the start, but with its tender moments too, Pointe of Danger combines the best qualities of romance with suspense; blends a Christmas tale with a bit of a thriller. You will find yourself hoping for mistletoe even while puzzling out the mystery.