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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pilot In Command by Viola Grace

Pilot In Command by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (95 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Helen needed more from life as a pilot than the Alliance could offer. When a handsome Azon offers her a new position, she can’t say no, to anything.

Helen has enjoyed her tenure as an Alliance pilot, but working with unpredictable crews is wearing on her nerves. When an incident of defense of the innocent via mutiny ends her career, controlling warships is over. Joining the Sector Guard felt right, but if she had known what was ahead of her, she may have held back when the handsome Azon doctor offered her a job.

Hyder has always known the matches that he sees are the perfect mate for the person he is speaking to. He may not know a name, or a location, but he knows what everyone’s perfect match looks like. Seeing himself as the Terran’s perfect match is a surprise, but when he looks her over, he is sure he is up to the challenge. He just has to put Pilot in command.

Pilot in Command is book twenty-five in the Sector Guard series: the final book, in fact. But like so much that Viola Grace does, it is not what I expected.

Helen Taline is an Alliance pilot when she goes against her captain’s orders to abandon defenseless civilians in the middle of a battle. When she's cleared of mutiny charges, she's offered a chance at a new beginning, as the first pilot for a new and promising venture, the Sector Guard.

When Hyder Mihal recruits her, she doesn’t realize there's more behind the offer than just her piloting skills. Getting a new defensive force up and running is challenge enough. Learning you'll be working alongside your perfect match and making history at each turn is more than a bit daunting. Luckily, Helen is up for the challenge, and accepts the chance of a lifetime.

But can Pilot and Commander overcome the skepticism and doubt of those who want to shut down the Sector Guard before it even starts? It'll be hard enough to convince Kale-Gant to allow the use of Morganti as the first Sector Guard base. When an emergency arises, will Pilot, Commander and a handful of recruits prove this force is sorely needed?

This is the story of the very beginning of The Sector Guard, how it was brought about, the challenges it faced in the beginning, and how Pilot and Commander first met. I love how Ms. Grace finally gives us a look at where the Guard began, and the challenges they faced even getting started. I like this glimpse into the past, with the promise of all that was to come.

Helen Taline is strong and determined. She can’t stand to see people in danger if she can help. That trait is what brings her to the attention of the Sector Guard. I loved watching as Helen grew into her role as one of the founding members of Sector Guard, and her slow acceptance of Hyder as a suitor. The sweet and yet passionate romance blossoms between them and brings her joy and surprise.

Hyder Mihal is a strong, desirable and gentle man, a doctor and healer. He has the talent to bring couples together, as a matchmaker. Until he met Helen, he despaired of ever meeting his own match. I enjoyed watching as Helen and Hyder sparred and played and built a strong and unbreakable bond between them. Hyder is loyal and I loved watching as he let the other recruits know Helen was off limits to them all, while still giving her the freedom she needed to do her job, as both pilot and recruiter.

Viola Grace has certainly enchanted with the adventures of the Sector Guard. Each story has a unique pairing of prospective mates and high adventure. There's danger mixed in with the romance. I love that she has left the best for last, with the history and origins of Sector Guard for a wrap up. I recommend this for all who love adventure and fantasy with their romance.