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Friday, February 24, 2012

What She Doesn't Know by Lina Gardiner

What She Doesn't Know by Lina Gardiner
Publisher: Lina Gardiner/Smashwords
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (109 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Raven Gale can’t put her past behind her. Haunted by the fact that her husband tried to kill her and killed himself instead, she's driven to find out what is going on. Someone is pretending to be him on an isolated island in the Bay of Fundy. She needs to know why. But now, stranded on an island with no way back to the mainland, she’s in the worst trouble she could ever imagine.

Who would suspect so much mystery, suspense, and love could be crammed into such a short novel! What She Doesn't Know throbs with adrenaline-pumping action and breathtaking emotion from start to finish.

When the reclusive, somewhat cowed-down Raven Gale decides to put her doubts to rest about the death of her abusive husband, she goes to Haart Island in the Bay of Fundy and unintentionally stirs up a hornet’s nest.

Diagnosed with traumatic amnesia after the death of her parents, Raven has blocked out much of her life. Since the death of her Uncle Phil, who raised her after her parent’s death, she never expects to know what happened during those years. The emotional journey Raven takes is heart-wrenching, plus her inability to trust makes her journey even more treacherous and miserable. As her true nature emerges and she seems to grow some backbone, I couldn't help but celebrate her victory.

Sloan Brockway, an undercover operative for the Protectorate, a secret organization, is neck deep in an investigation. He's in a hot bed of gangsters in the house on Haart Island when the na├»ve Raven shows up, forced along at gunpoint by the irascible Captain Mike. Sloan and Raven have a history that she doesn’t remember, but he does—big time!Sloan never falters in his determination to complete his mission but his need to keep Raven safe adds danger that almost costs him his life.

What She Doesn't Know is action packed. The pace doesn't slow as Sloan and Raven outmanuever the gangsters who want to see them dead. Nor does it lag during the search for a mysterious relic. This book had me turning pages like crazy to see what happened next.

The secondary characters have a tremendous impact on both Sloan and Raven. Even her parents and Uncle Phil, long dead, influence the turn of events.

Lina Gardiner weaves a tight, exciting tale. Her writing style brings the senses to full alert and eggs the reader along with subtle clues and foreshadowing. What She Doesn't Know is an entertaining thriller and beautiful love story. Good entertainment!