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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Spear

A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (327 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Her instincts tell her he's dangerous...

While her overprotective brother's away, Meara Greymere's planning to play—and it wouldn't hurt to find herself a mate in the process. The last thing she needs is one of his SEAL buddies spoiling her fun, even if the guy is the hottest one she's ever seen...

His powers of persuasion are impossible to resist...

Finn Emerson is a battle-hardened Navy SEAL and alpha wolf. He's a little overqualified for baby-sitting, but feisty Meara is attracting trouble like a magnet...

As the only responsible alpha male in the vicinity, Finn is going to have to protect this intriguing woman from a horde of questionable men, and definitely from himself...

I got the greatest chuckle out of the pickle this otherwise competent and macho hero gets himself into. Doesn’t matter that he’s a Navy SEAL and a werewolf – all of his prowess and stealth can’t prevent him from falling in love. A man like him needs a woman who will challenge, poke, prod and thwart all his best laid plans and intentions. There’s no better heroine than Meara Greymere to get the job done and I enjoyed every moment.

It’s a great set up -- Finn is going to protect the baby sister of his Navy SEAL buddy from her wayward ways. No man is good enough to be her mate but does he really stop to wonder why every single male is suspect and why he has such a keen interest in being so ‘thorough’? It can’t possibly be because he’s deluding himself, can it? No way could it be because he wants her for himself. He’s much too noble and focused to fall onto that well trodden path of lovey dovey cooing like his friend. He’s made of sterner stuff. He’s a soldier. Yeah, right. I could see him falling hard and wagging his tail all the way with mock growling and posturing. I adored Finn.

Good thing Meara is a woman not easily thrown off of the scent and she gives as good as she gets. I had fun watching the heroine be herself. She’s certainly stubborn, feisty and opinionated. She’s a planner, that one. But she never ever could have foreseen the action and diabolical betrayals that blow her little mating plot to smithereens. Her reactions to the bad news as well as the good were fascinating to watch. She’s not a weak character and she took turns impressing me and surprising me.

The drama that starts the ball rolling happens pretty fast in the story. It doesn’t take long before Finn and Meara are on the run, not knowing truly who to trust. People they thought they couldn’t trust became integral to their safety and those they never gave a second thought to their loyalty got a rude awakening. It was sad, really. It seems like bad guys are the best actors because they have the most to gain and believe they can’t lose. They treat it like a cat and mouse game with deadly intent but enjoy the feeling of power they get from pulling the wool over their eyes. It took some delicate and timely maneuvering to get the players in place for the big showdown. The author did an excellent job of putting it all together, stringing me along and hiding who the true villains were until the last possible moment.

Wait until readers get a load of Bjornolf. You want to talk about a hunky guy with chutzpah and mysterious vibes? He’s got it in spades. What an awesome character to introduce and tease readers with. I hope his story is next because I’ve certainly taken a keen interest in the man. So effective, manly and maddening, he was a great addition to the story. And what he used to tie up the other operative? Oh yeah, I’m there. Any man that cheeky has got to have a story to tell.

As I’ve come to expect from Ms. Spear, when she gets her hero and heroine together it’s a sizzling good time with plenty of great point-counterpoint dialogue, sensual build-up and scorching delivery. The editing was perfect, the descriptive words painted scenes that jumped off of the pages and grabbed a reader’s attention. The action was tight and delivered with a high-powered punch. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from a story about a well trained Navy SEAL and I was certainly satisfied. So was Meara.

As for the happily ever after, it started off romantic and thrilling and then the author put the brakes on by making me laugh and giggle. Finn is SUCH a guy! See me roll my eyes. And you know what? It fit. Perfectly.

A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing is a non-stop action packed romance with kick, growls and sexy attitude. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough because there was so much going on, I couldn’t wait for what came next. A word to the wise – don’t start this book close to bed time, it’s too exciting! I also thought the guy on the cover with those dazzling aqua-blue eyes perfect brain-food for imagining Finn as he wooed his feisty heroine. Get your own copy and experience the adventure because he is as the story is, irresistible.