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Friday, February 10, 2012

Reinventing Christmas by Linda Rettstatt

Reinventing Christmas by Linda Rettstatt
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full Length (174 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Cholla

M.J. Rich is about to breakup with her boyfriend and seeks the comfort of her family’s familiar traditions for Christmas in Pittsburgh. Brady Cameron plans to spend the holiday alone at a Pennsylvania ski resort, drowning his sorrows. Stranded by a winter storm in the Philadelphia Airport and headed in the same direction, they agree to share the last rental car available. After Mother Nature forces them off the road and into a deserted cabin, Christmas turns out to be nothing either of them expects.

Christmas...that most wonderful time of year! Usually. But for M. J. Rich, it’s going to be a tough holiday. Between battling her feelings for her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend and the fury of Mother Nature, she has more than enough on her plate. So, when a mysterious stranger, Brady Cameron, offers to rescue her from the confines of the Philadelphia airport, an entirely new path opens before her. But will she be able to see the truth through all the snow?

M. J. Rich is an aspiring news reporter with a big heart and a wonderful personality. She’s been used and taken advantage of and, although she’s finally accepted this, she’s not overly depressed or despondent over it. M. J. sees the possibilities in being single again and plans to use them to the best of her ability. She’s determined to push past the heartache, focus on her career, and move forward. It really lifted my spirits to see that, although she’d been involved with a real loser of a boyfriend, that she didn’t blame herself any more than would be natural at first. Too often, the heroine spends half the book blaming herself for her ex’s transgressions. Not so here. Her natural spirit, combined with her off center family’s wackiness, really bring her to life. Without a doubt, she’s the kind of adventurous and ambitious woman any man would be lucky to have.

Brady Cameron is a successful, handsome man with a bit of a rough past. Distanced from his family and heartbroken, he’s put everything into his work. When even that starts to fall apart, he uses Christmas to get away and regroup… sort of. He’s a more complex character than M. J. With M. J., what you see is what you get. Brady holds more back, although once he decides he wants to be with M. J. he lays it all on the line. I love the fact that he can do this after having been hurt by his ex-fiancĂ©e so recently. He shows his perseverance and rugged strength in everything he does, making him the perfect man to help M. J. through her breakup and seeming family crisis.

Reinventing Christmas is a fun and cozy holiday story stuffed full of a stocking’s worth of humor, family, and second chances at love. It makes for a wonderful read any time of the year, but most especially during the Christmas holidays when we’re all looking for proof that anything can happen. Whether the snow is piling up outside or the summer sun is blazing down on your shoulders, Reinventing Christmas is perfect for any season when love is on the line.