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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Ornament by Tianna Xander

The Ornament by Tianna Xander
Publisher: Devine Destinies
genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (57 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Water Lily

When Kylee breaks an antique ornament she found in a specialty store, she doesn't expect to find herself flung into another reality.

After dreaming of the same man night after night, Kaylee realizes she’s fallen in love…with a vampire. Too bad he only exists in her imagination. After a trip to the mall and a strange ornament shop, Kaylee finds herself back home, only it’s not quite the same. The man on her couch who looks dead can talk into her mind and he insists she’s the one who isn’t supposed to be alive.

After a year of living without his beloved mate, Gregori decides to end his life. Too bad he picked the wrong night. After thieves break into his beloved mate’s home, he finds what can only be a Christmas miracle in the form of his mate, alive and well and as snarky as ever. Given a second chance, Gregori sets out to convince Kaylee that her place is at his side.

Who wouldn’t want a “dream come true” ornament hanging on their tree?

The Ornament is a light Christmas read with a very clever premise. Kaylee is lonely and given to allowing dreams (and dream-lovers) to keep her from real life relationships. Or maybe she’s just holding out for a happily-ever-after. Either way, she’s likeable and the plot line is good—pretty girl touches an antique Christmas ornament and gets sucked into an alternate reality; a world in which her handsome, vampire, dream lover is real.

But there’s a bit of wax in this fun story. The rules in this alternative universe aren’t as clear as they could be. Some unnecessary characters detract from Kaylee and Gregori’s relationship and Gregori could have been better developed. Still, what’s not to like about a hero who is willing to die for his love and has no problem communicatng his feelings? His grief at the loss of his mate felt real and poignant. Kaylee is strong and spunky. She tends to be quick to decide which battles are worth fighting for and which aren’t. Quick decision making can save your life but it can also cause you to miss imporant details.

I enjoyed The Ornament. Heck, chocolate covered pretzels are good whether they are the bulk bin kind or gourmet, as long as you know what to expect before you take a bite. The Ornament may be a novella but if quick and clever is what you're in the mood for it's quite satisfying. It's a treat for your mind.