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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Mercenary Way by Tory Richards

The Mercenary Way by Tory Richards
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (180 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Kidnapped and imprisoned, Sarah Reynolds needs all the help she can get--but soldier-of-fortune Clint Becker is just a different kind of danger.
When a ruthless gem smuggler mistakes Sarah for her best friend Susan, she's kidnapped and stashed on an island. Her only hope of rescue is Susan's cousin Clint--a man whose my-way-or-else attitude is as infuriating as his muscular body is distracting.

Clint, ex-Navy SEAL turned mercenary, desperately needs a vacation. Rescuing a kidnapped woman from an island paradise isn't what he had in mind. And when he encounters Sarah's sassy mouth and tempting ways, he soon realizes he's the one in trouble. Clint and Sarah elude her captors, but there's no escaping the attraction sizzling between them. With danger pursuing them, they have to learn to work together. But can an opinionated florist and a rugged mercenary ever find common ground?

Danger, so real that death may be a breath away, plus Sara Reynolds and Clint Becker’s primal-need mating makes The Mercenary Way a spine-tingling, adrenaline-driven experience.

The curvy, soft, beautiful little Sarah has a sassy mouth, a spitfire temper, and determination that sustain her outwardly, but on the inside she is scared beyond belief. She has no idea what the goons who kidnapped her want. She does know they think she is Susan, who is her business partner and best friend. To protect her friend, she does not reveal her true identity which puts her in a dire situation.

Clint Becker, Susan’s cousin, is a mercenary who had been a Navy SEAL. For Susan, he takes time out and goes to rescue Sarah and finds himself tested to his limits as they make their way through the jungle, trying to stay ahead of the enemy. Clint has no place in his life for lasting relationships. His work does not lend itself to home, wife, and children.

Tory Richards strips most of the civilized amenities away, leaving survival instincts and the basic primal-needs of human beings at the fore for most of the story. At times the crude language and parts of the sexual encounters are a little off-putting, but the suspense and the hope for more than physical love to emerge keep one reading. Only late in the story, do the finer emotional, mental, and spiritual elements of love blend with the physical. When all these come together the poignancy of the love that Sarah and Clint share is breathtakingly beautiful.

Tory Richards’ skill in creating suspense and scenes of sexual encounters that sizzle and throb with life is phenomenal. Her description, especially those of the waterfall and its cave scene, takes the reader right into the action. She hijacks the reader’s attention and holds it from the beginning to the end of The Mercenary Way.