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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lessons After Dark by Isabel Cooper

Lessons After Dark by Isabel Cooper
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (334 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

A woman with an unspeakable past
Olivia Brightmore didn't know what to expect when she took a position to teach at Englefiend School, an academy for "gifted" children. But it wasn't having to rescue a young girl who levitated to the ceiling. Or battling a dark mystery in the surrounding woods. And nothing could have prepared her for Dr. Gareth St. John...

A man with exceptional talent
He knew all about her history and scrutinized her every move because of it. But there was more than suspicion lurking in those luscious green eyes. Even with all the strange occurrences at the school, the most unsettling of all is the attraction pulling Olivia and Gareth together with a force that cannot be denied.

Olivia knew the job she was taking on was unusual. She didn’t know exactly what a school for “gifted” children meant, but she knew it wasn’t going to be for common everyday gifts. She was a bit amazed though when she arrived and had to help a young girl afloat by the ceiling find a way to get back to the floor…

Isabel Cooper writes a very good story. Her words flow well, the storyline is interesting and she mixes danger and love together in active quest to stop a demon. There are no boring parts in this story.

The main female character, Olivia, married young, lost her husband, and sustained herself by playing at being a fake medium. As she matured, she found a mentor who actually trained her in areas of magic. It was this knowledge that got her the job.

The leading male character is Gareth. He was injured in the war, knew of her charlatan role, and works as a doctor. He has no respect for her.

The author makes the sparks fly between the two. He can’t keep his hands off her and she wants him just as badly. Even though they end up in bed, they can’t tolerate each other. This part of the story is one my favorite parts. Ms. Cooper has Olivia give as a good as she gets and easily shows how hard it is for them to pretend they don’t care.

Throw in a demon who lives in the woods, wanting to take over the school, and the plot speeds right up. It gets very exciting when he begins to break the portal between his world and theirs. The drama and tension worked into the story as the war begins between human and demon is well expressed by the author. As they learn how their powers work and try to save the students and perhaps the world, you won’t want to leave your chair until you’ve reached the end.

This one is going in my personal library as a keeper. If you enjoy a good read with a bit of paranormal influence, you’ll like this book. Why not give it a try yourself?