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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Fires of Passion by Jean Adams

The Fires of Passion by Jean Adams
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (282 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Every woman should know a man like Blaize Hathaway.

When Kimberley Holland shrugs off her family and relocates to the other side of the world, never does she imagine meeting the drop-dead gorgeous stranger who threatens her newfound freedom. His touch leaves her questioning far more than her good breeding, and leaves her hungry. Her grandmother’s wise words encourage living life to the fullest -- but is one week long enough?

Blaize Hathaway despises wealthy women. They are predators who prey on ambitious young men, and the one he's been tasked to spy on is no different. Then he meets Kimberley, who challenges all his beliefs.

Before Blaize can surrender to the fires of passion, he must escape the torments of a darkened past. Will he find the peace and love he yearns for or will he be too late?

Often life and events are seen through one’s own experience, not as they really are.

Kimberley Holland, a rich young woman with an overprotective family, declares her independence and comes to realize she knows little about the complexities of life. Her family had done her no favors by shielding her from much of the reality of life.

In Patiki Bay, New Zealand, far from her palatial home in Carmel, California, Kim battles homesickness, conquers fears, proves her talent is useful by refurbishing the Dolphin Hotel, and even helps a young Maori artist, Manu Elder, show his art and make a contact for a showing in a reputable art gallery in New York. Yet her accomplishments mean little when the love of her life speaks harshly to her and walks out of her life.

Blaize Hathaway, a wealthy and famous jeweler to the rich, walks in the door of the Dolphin Hotel on a mission. It's no wonder that he feels like a cad for deceiving the beautiful Kim who is so naïve, trusting, honest, generous, and totally desirable. Blaize knows the complexities of life and how hard finding success can be and how high a price may have to be paid.

As Kim and Blaize engage in a unique courting ritual; there is humor, an undercurrent of unease and personal discoveries. Neither Kim nor Blaize want to believe that what they share is more than temporary. However, when the time is right, Kim is awakened to passion for possibly the first time and Blaize experiences true emotional connection that he’d never known in all his sexual encounters. Their fantasy world will be tested to it's limits when Kim's act of generosity is taken in the wrong light.

The secondary characters are mostly in the background, but Moana Elder, mother of Manu and Kim’s dear friend, is a mighty force in helping Kim through the pains of gaining her independence and becoming a woman. Moana’s advise give’s strength to Kim’s courage that took a beating when Blaize walked away with her heart.

Jean Adams creates hot, earth-shattering love scenes. Don't be surprised if your eReader steams up a bit. The Fires of Passion is the second book in the two part Patiki Bay series. It reads fine as a stand alone story and is just as enjoyable as book one, Yesterday's Dreams. Ms. Adams has a way of seting the stakes high for the hero and heroine. She forces them to face a harsh reality before finding their way back to their enchanted world—a world where passion rules. Ms. Adams's knack for the multi-layered plot is highlighted throughout this novel. The Fires of Passion moves at a fast pace and totally involves the reader. If a suspenseful romance is what you're in the mood for, give Ms. Adams Patiki Bay series a try. I think you'll be glad you did.