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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beneath the Skin by Amy Lee Burgess

Beneath the Skin by Amy Lee Burgess
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (159 Pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

If you could shift into a wolf, what would you discover about yourself?

Two years after the deaths of her bond mates, Constance Newcastle is ready to start over. The problem? The rest of the Great Pack, gathered in Paris to shift into wolves together, is not so sure she deserves the chance. Although the Great Council ruled the car crash an accident, even Constance blames herself. She was driving, after all.

Treated like a pariah by those she longs to rejoin, Constance reunites with an old lover. Everything looks promising until he mysteriously dies. Accused of his murder and desperate to clear her name, Constance joins forces with handsome, confident Liam Murphy, a former Alpha pack leader with a past as tragic and troubled as her own. Guided by the mysterious Councilor Jason Allerton, Constance and Liam discover they are not alone-- throughout the Great Pack, people are dying. Can all the deaths be accidents, or is something more sinister going on?

Two people forced together to solve a mystery that is destroying their way of life. Can they work together or will their differences kill them and possibly more of their kind?

Constance is damaged goods. Two years ago, she lost everything; her bond mates and even her pack. After two years of loneliness and heart ache, she needs to move on, but she is unable to move past her pain. Forcing herself to attend The Great Gathering, she hopes to find a new life with a new pack. She knows her chances are slim, but she must at least try.

Liam Murphy has no time for games or a new bond mate. He lost his heart and soul three years ago. Asked to attend The Great Gathering by his former pack, he was prepared to barely participate and move on with his single life. For some reason Councilor Jason Allerton has something different in mind. Everywhere Liam turns, Constance is there. When things start getting deadly, there is nothing more for Liam to do; he has to see where Councilor Allerton is leading him and Constance, no matter the consequences.

Pack members are dying and there are no clues left behind. All deaths seem to be from natural causes or accidents. Together, Liam and Constance set out to discover the mystery. Their journey takes them from the romance of Paris to the sultry heat of Houston, Texas. If they don’t find out what is behind these deaths, they very well could be next.

I really don’t have a set writing style that I prefer, but I have noticed that single point of view is not my favorite. I do have to say after reading Beneath the Skin that my opinion has changed a bit. I was drawn into Constance’s mind. Her pain was heartbreaking and her fears became my fears. I can’t imagine this story being written any other way. There were times I wanted to jump into Liam’s mind to see what the heck he was thinking, but the mystery behind his actions enhanced the story. Ms. Burgess did an amazing job pulling me in and making me feel like I was Constance.

For me the uniqueness of The Pack is what I found the most exciting. Though my journey with Constance was fascinating, it was the rules and magic of this universe that pulled me in the most. Ms. Burgess has written an amazing take on being Pack. From shifting abilities, to their history and even their future, I was captive and intrigued. I was in utter awe of her ability to expand on a well used subject matter and make it all her own. This is her first published novel and all I can say is WOW!! Her storytelling abilities are fantastic, the pace of the book was perfect and her continuity was spot on. Congratulations to an amazing first novel!! Ms. Burgess is now an author I’m going to follow and her next two novels in this series are already on my TBR list.

Beneath the Skin is a fabulous book. It pulls you in, wraps you up and holds on tight. Don’t miss this great book! If you love shifter novels, with a bit of steamy romance, you won’t be disappointed.