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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Time to Love by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

A Time to Love by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Publisher: Champage Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (181 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Reclusive songwriter Samuel Baird lives on a remote Arkansas mountain drinking his life away. The last thing he wants is a woman to complicate things but during a spectacular thunderstorm, a woman arrives just in time to save his life. She says she comes from the late 1800's and he thinks she is crazy but Annie still manages to gain his attention and affection. To reach a happily ever after, Samuel and Annie must overcome several obstacles, past and present, but in the end, they find the happiness that they seek.

Samuel Baird is disillusioned with life. Betrayed and divorced by his wife and the loss of his job, he has retreated to an isolated cabin on Rich Mountain where he buries his sorrows in the whiskey bottle. Several years later he dreams of a woman. When the real woman turns up in the middle of a storm Samuel thinks he's dreaming but she's still there in the morning.

Anna believes she has come forward in time over 100 years but Samuel finds this difficult to believe. He admits Anna is a bit strange in the way she speaks and some of her actions. How can he prove she's wrong? Will he be able stop himself falling in love with this orphan from the storm?

For a man who has no respect for himself, our hero is soft and gentle when it comes to Anna. He doesn't want to frighten her and finds it nice to have someone look after him for once. Unexpected visitors, family problems and illness force both of them to face the truth and ask if there is any future for them.

I'm not sure whether I really liked Samuel, but Anna was sweet and tender; the type of woman I'd want to have as a friend and neighbor. At first I thought the story would be too introspective but as I read on I found it pulled me in until I wanted to find out what would happen next. The scenery surroundomg the main characters was vivid. I could see the view from the cabin deck, the lodge on the top of the mountain and the cemetery. The author has a way with words that brings the story to life.

This is a lovely soft romance with no highs or lows, but it does have an element of doubt. How can a woman who believes she's from the past cope with modern day equipment and morals? What can Samuel offer to any woman when he buries himself in the bottle instead of facing his fears?

There's no "daring do" in this book. To me the ideal time and place to read it would be curled up beside the fire on a winter's evening so I could relax into the moment and enjoy a cosy love story.