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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wound Up by Viola Grace

Wound Up by Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (87 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Foxglove

Neva had to face her insecurities and her new partner at the same time. What chance does her resolve have when Archer’s very presence has her wound up?

Escaping through her workshop tunnel, Neva is less than impressed to find that her proposed partner was the one sent to rescue her and the Citadel staff.

She has managed to dodge her offered position in the Sector Guard for over two years and when Archer comes to save her, she knows that her time to think about it is over.

Archer is bewildered that a woman like Neva keeps turning him down. He’s ridiculously handsome, has an impressive talent and is a charming conversationalist. What more could a woman want?

The Sector Guard continues to grow and prosper as Viola Grace finds more adventures for them to embark upon. There are only a couple more books to this series, and I will be sorry to see the end of this part of the series.

As a Winder, Neva Corren uses her talent to escape with her charges when the Raiders attack the Citadel. She can manipulate string or wire to her needs, and even use it as a weapon if needed. She has declined offers of a Sector Guard position for two years, but now she has no other choice if she wants to get herself and the rest out safely.

As she takes her group of empaths and sensitives out through the tunnels, she warns them they may have to fight. She realizes someone in the village, someone wanting at least one of them captured or dead, betrayed them. She is not looking forward to meeting up with the man she knows will be her partner, either, but turning down the Sector Guard this time could be dangerous for those she is protecting as well as herself. If only Archer wasn’t so insufferably smug, things may have been different. She is attracted to him, but not ready to just jump into his arms, no matter how delicious he looks. As for Archer, he can’t understand Neva’s hesitation. He is quite the catch, and he is supremely sure of himself.

Can these two very opposite personalities find common ground and work together? When treachery and danger threaten, can they finally become the team Commander foresaw and finish the task at hand? Can they find out who is behind the attacks that are becoming more frequent every day?

As with all of Ms Grace’s books, the world here is unique and full of rare and unusual species, with a multitude of talents. There is a bit more danger and intrigue in this one, as the Raiders have stepped up their attacks in their search for talents to capture and use for their own, less than honorable goals.

Neva Corren is a Winder, able to weave anything needed from simple items usually overlooked by people. She was reluctant to become active with the Guard, in part because of her attraction to Archer, her proposed partner and mate. She is never far from danger, and is usually found running straight into the middle of any fight or disaster. I loved her attitude toward Archer: she knows she wants him, but she isn’t ready to overlook his smug and arrogant temperament just yet. She also hides something about herself that makes her sure he will turn away from her when he knows the truth.

Brav Welkin, or Archer, is strong, brave and absolutely gorgeous. He is self confident, and doesn’t understand Neva’s attitude toward him at all. He has an unusual talent, using bioelectrical energy to form his weapon of choice, a bow and arrow, hence the code name Archer. I like his determination to do what it takes to be the best partner for Neva, and I love him for his ability to see past what she considers her ‘disfigurement’ to the woman inside.

There are several very dangerous missions for these two before they are able to settle into their roles as partners. There is a second rescue of personnel from Yski to accomplish, and a trio of escaped murderers to find. But the best action is the time spent between Neva and Brav as they finally become partners, then friends and, finally lovers while on Station 13.

There is a bit of mental trauma they will need to come to terms with, but this has all the signs of being another happy ever after in the Sector Guard. A great read.