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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Poseidon’s Fortune by Allie Standifer

Poseidon’s Fortune by Allie Standifer
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (324 Pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Foxglove

Bailey McCain is a bit busy, what with following a quest her late uncle set her on, fighting off evil demons and trying hard to stay alive. The last thing she needs in her life right now is some guy claiming he’s her destined soul mate. Granted the guy is the stuff of dreams, but Bailey is pretty sure he’s escaped from an asylum somewhere, with all his talk of her holding his soul, and being a mythical demi-god. When Talos Poseidon whisks bailey off to the family compound under the ocean, things go from weird to completely unbelievable. Sure, she’s attracted to him like no one before, but she has places to go, demons to kill and a quest to complete. As for Talos, he never wanted a mate, never believed it was even possible until Bailey fell into his life and gave him back his heartbeat, his breath and his chance at life. These two can’t agree on one single thing, so how can they learn to trust each other and believe in what they could have? Can Talos keep his foot out of his mouth long enough to show Bailey he is what she needs? Can Bailey let down her guard and believe that something good can finally happen in her life?

Allie Standifer brings the Poseidon brothers back for another round of fun and games. The leading characters are richly detailed and many faceted, with issues desperately needing resolution. There are demons, mythical beings, a family secret and a marvelously sarcastic and entertaining oracle that communicates via the most hilarious email messages ever.

Bailey McCain is strong, independent and determined to go her own way. She doesn’t believe in the possibility that she could be anyone’s soul-keeper, much less to someone like Talos. She has places to go, demons to fight and doesn’t have time for a life of her own. She is smart mouthed, sassy and, deep down, she’s afraid she doesn’t deserve to be with him. I love her inner dialogs where she either wants him or wants to kill him. I loved watching as she slowly came to realize that this could be her chance at have a family, even if it could be a rather dysfunctional one.

Talos Poseidon is strong, sexy and clueless when it comes to women. He never believed in the prophecy that said each of the nine brothers had a soul-keeper in the world: that one person holding the power to restart their hearts and lungs, and enrich their life. Even when his brother finds his mate, Talos doesn’t believe he has one. When Bailey happens in his life, he has no idea how to court her and make her his, and alienates her more with each passing moment. I loved watching as he went from one extreme to another; first denying his feelings, then being upset because he can’t understand why Bailey gets upset.

There are several converging threads in this story, and at least one appears to be ongoing. The interest in the brothers by the Scaber’s demons has yet to be fully explained or explored. The secondary characters are each individually crafted. Clio, the first soul-keeper, and mate to Talos’ brother, is sarcastic and witty, and a perfect friend for Bailey and her wise cracks. Each brother has his own unique and entertaining personality, and I look forward to hearing more about each of them.

There is also the quest that Bailey must undertake, set on her shoulders by her dead uncle, and the Trial of the Oracles where three of the brothers must compete. The dialog is fresh and fast moving, and I loved the email messages posted throughout the story, from the brothers to the oracle Phoenix, and his replies are hilarious.

I highly recommend this as well as the first book in the series, Poseidon’s Prophecy. But be prepared to laugh, cry and laugh some more at the give and take these characters share.