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Friday, December 16, 2011

Homecoming by Meg Bellamy

Homecoming by Meg Bellamy
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (225 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

When a family illness forces Julie Loring to return home to North Carolina from New York, she is determined to avoid her old love, Dan Williams, and make the speediest possible escape. Her hope is dashed the first night back.

Dan doesn’t know why Julie ran off twelve years earlier, but he’s still in love with her. He wants her to be his wife and mother to his child. Though Julie warns she hasn’t changed, neither can deny the sparks that fly between them.

But Julie left with a secret—one she’s certain will destroy any chance they might have of a future together.

What is it about small towns? Folks either love it or they hate it. In Julie Loring's case, she couldn't wait to hightail it out of Compton's Creek, leaving behind some broken hearts. New York, watch out! But then, Julie is forced to come back and handle a situation, and she has to face those she left behind all those years ago.

Julie Beth Loring, now simply going by Julie, doesn't like poverty. She's not fond of wasting time in small towns when she feels bigger and better is waiting elsewhere. She's stubborn, very opinionated, and she sticks to what she feels no matter the outcome. The man she left behind twelve years ago wants answers, and he's not going to go away quietly. It's time to settle the ghosts of Julie and Dan's past, whether she wants to or not.

Dan Williams never got over Julie. He was devastated when she just packed up and left without a word, and without a real good-bye. Seeing her again after all these years has brought out old feelings, some anger, and new feelings. Things have changed in his life, and he seeks Julie's love and acceptance. He knows her feelings about staying in Compton's Creek, but that doesn't keep him from trying. All he has to do is break down her defenses, get her to fall in love all over again, and show her that life in a small town isn't all that bad.

Ms. Bellamy creates a jam packed emotional punch in Homecoming. This author takes this couple on a wild journey of second chances. With a loss of an important person, the mixed emotions of a child, and plenty of love, this story gives off a heartwarming vibe of settling down and starting a new dream. The characters are so well created that it's easy to relate to them, feel their emotions, and get angry or happy at their actions. The book had me hanging on to every word. I was hooked on from the get go. I had plenty of angst as the story progressed, wondering how Julie and Dan were going to get through this when both are stubborn and don't give up easily. I was surprised at the turn of events that swayed one of them into changing their minds.

I enjoyed Homecoming very much. The story and people that brought it to life found a place in my heart and in my mind long after the last page was read. It's a beautifully write contemporary that tugged on my heartstrings, and readers, if you love contemporary stories set in a small town, then why not get yourself a copy of Homecoming and allow Julie, Dan, and the rest of the family to find their way into your heart as well?