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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ground Rules by Cate Masters

Ground Rules by Cate Masters
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (105 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Aloe

Can a bad boy angel and a dispirited mortal find a Christmas miracle together?

Alice Garner scores a great contract to illustrate a children's book by a famous author, but lack of inspiration forces her to cancel her holiday plans. Alone on Christmas to meet her looming deadline, Alice wishes on her Christmas tree angel for help.

Luke, newly promoted to Watcher Angel, is reluctant to take the assignment. Long ago, his fiancee broke his mortal heart on Christmas Eve, and even returning to Earth on his Harley won't dull the sting. Good thing the ground rules forbid getting involved with an assignment--Alice is tempting, but he'd rather not stay on Earth.

But Luke brings Alice more than inspiration. He reawakens her heart. Now Alice has to convince him he's her greatest wish. With a little Christmas magic, can she convince him to break the ground rules and stay

Alice is so tired of being alone. It doesn’t help when she has to give up going to her sister’s for Christmas because she has this book to illustrate. She can’t get inspired or in the spirit at all. So she stands next to her Christmas tree and wishes on the angel at the top, hoping inspiration will come. I think we’ve all felt a bit uninspired by our projects once in a while, but I’ve sure never wished on a Christmas tree ornament and gotten an angel!

Ms. Masters writes a light tale that is a joy to read. Her angel rides a Harley, Luke and Alice spend more time fighting than getting along, and Alice isn’t sure she wants to finish the illustrations. If she does, Luke will leave…

The author gives you an impossible situation and then adds a human male who is suddenly interested in Alice. She’s not interested in him, but she can’t have Luke. Or can she?

Riding the Harley through the sky, listening to dead musicians make music in the heavens, and painting here and there on a night that never ends is great fun for Alice. But Luke has ground rules to follow, a limited time to help her and it’s too bad if he doesn’t want to go home… After all, he never wanted to return to earth either. He was happy hanging out in heaven being bored. He’s not bored now.

My favorite part was the two of them snarling at each other. He wants to inspire her to paint; she wants to convince him to love her. He keeps making margaritas and cooking her food to keep her focused on her duties. He plays taxi man. And she drools over him.

This fun fantasy tale will keep you reading and waiting to see just what happens next. The author of the book she’s illustrating plays a part in this story, too. I didn’t see this ending coming, and I consider that an accomplishment for the author.

Why not try this read for yourself. It’d be a great book to read while sitting in front of the fire and sipping a hot chocolate. Just don’t drink and read at the same time ... you might make a mess when you laugh out loud at the great humor the author shares.