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Friday, December 2, 2011

Far From Silent Night by Bev Oz

Far From Silent Night by Bev Oz
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (64 Pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Foxglove

David White has been on the reality TV show, Marry a Single Guy, and is about to lose his mind from women chasing him. At Christmas he makes his break and runs off to the Colorado mountains to his grandfather's old cabin to hide out for a while.

Christmas Eve finds a sexy woman (Holly) in an elf outfit standing on his roof screaming for "Daddy." She's Santa's daughter and has been left behind by her nemesis, Blitzen. But what happens when Holly is found by her brother Noel and is taken back to Christmas Town? She’s already fallen in love with David.

David, not knowing how to find Holly, does the only thing he can. He goes back on television to find the woman of his dreams.

Bev Oz has written a charming and fun story for the holidays. The mix of reality and fantasy is the perfect touch in this one, and the characters are delightful and richly detailed.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Christmas Town has been hit by the flu. This year, Santa’s daughter goes along for the annual traditional ride, hoping to help. Atop a secluded cabin in the mountains, Holly waits for her father to come back to the sleigh, but when it has been more than the usual amount of time, she realizes something is wrong. When she finds him passed out with fever on the cabin floor, she gets him back to the sleigh, but he refuses to leave without his sack. When Holly goes back for it, Blitzen takes off with out her, stranding her in the cabin.

David White is hiding out from his public. In a weak moment, he let a friend convince him to be on a reality show to find a wife, and now he can’t breathe without being cornered by strange women. He thinks Holly is just another crazy at first, but as he gets to know her, and realizes the crazy story she tells is true, he discovers she is a sweet, shy and totally adorable woman, and one he wants to know better.

Can Holly find a way back home to Christmas Town at the North Pole? When her brother suddenly rescues her, can she figure out her feelings for David? And can an elf and a human find a way to have a happy ever after at the North Pole?

The world Ms. Oz built for this story is fascinating yet familiar, with few characters to distract from the main couple.

Holly Claus is a delight. She is modern, yet sweet and gentle too. She has trouble being around strangers, but is comfortable with David. She has issues with one of her father’s reindeer, and her sarcasm with that animal is fun to see. I like listening to her ‘inner dialogue’ about David as she becomes closer to him, and loved her combination of sexiness and innocence.

David White is an interesting hero. He writes children’s books, and he’s one hot hunk. His only fault was agreeing to the television show in a moment of weakness, after his girlfriend left him. I love David’s sense of humor, and his willingness to believe in the unbelievable, and accept Holly for who she really is.

There are some fun parts to this story, as Holly and David become acquainted and learn that things aren’t always what they may appear to be. I loved that, just as things were heating up between our lovely elf and her hot hunk, big brother shows up to take Holly back to the North Pole and her family. The rest of the story is delightful, and I was surprised at the things David was willing to do to try and contact Holly to see if there was really something there to build a relationship on.

Do Holly and David have a happy ever after? Check out Far From Silent Night, and add some wonderful holiday warmth to your life.