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Monday, December 12, 2011

Destined Mate by Katie Reus

Destined Mate by Katie Reus
Publisher: Harlequin: Nocturne Cravings
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (61 Pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Jasmine

Almost a century ago, Angela Lavigne and Alpha werewolf Knox had a shared passion neither could control. Then Angela was turned into a vampire and disappeared.

The last thing Knox expects is for Angela to show up on his doorstep on a rescue mission, as sexy and irresistible as ever. And he can sense how much she still wants him, too. She's gone against both their species' rules and trespassed on his land. By law he can keep her as long as he wants--and Knox doesn't intend to let her go ever again.

As their desire explodes once again, Knox is more sure than ever that he must claim her forever. But as vampire and werewolf, they are natural born enemies. Can she truly be his destined mate?

'Twilight' has it wrong. Apparently, werewolves metabolisms aren't as fast as we were led to believe because Angela, our leading lady, manages to drop them, quite skillfully I might add, with tranquilizers as she breaks into their compound to rescue her friend. Despite that, she still manages to get herself caught and finds herself right back in the arms of the love of her life (who she has been hiding from for 90 years). The only problem? He is a werewolf, the leader of the largest pack of werewolves in North America, and she is a vampire. Talk about racial differences.

This book drops you right smack in the middle of some fast action and then proceeds to run you right into some hot, steamy sex scenes. And if that wasn't enough, you get thrown right back into some action. This author keeps it coming non-stop and, at only sixty-one pages, I had the story finished before my heartbeat slowed back down.

When Angela was turned into a vampire she disappeared from Knox's life before he could realize what she had become. Since he harbored a personal hate for vampires, Angela was afraid he wouldn't accept her for what she was. Now, nearly a century later, the two come face to face again and must confront their feelings. With the history between the two main characters, the action and the romance are both believable and very fast paced, and kept me involved in the story from the very beginning. Angela's reticence is also realistic. She's spent ninety years believing one thing, only to be told and expected to believe without a doubt, something else in a very short time span.

With such a short story, we don't get much more than a glimpse of other characters in the plot, but the main characters are very well drawn and intriguing enough that they hold your attention. Knox is a sexy, dominant man who is determined to win back the only woman he ever considered making his mate, and Angela is a cautious but intelligent and willful woman. She is willing to let Knox have the upper hand, but only if it suits her.

From the beginning you can tell how strongly these two felt about each other back when they were in a relationship, and ninety years later it's just as obvious that their feelings haven't changed. Those feelings have also never been dealt with by either of them. The author manages to convey all of this very skillfully, without drowning us in back story.

Destined Mate flows so smoothly that I was turning the last page before I even realized that I was at the end. With the vampire/werewolf politics, the hint of the possibility of war brewing on the horizon, the passionate exchanges between Knox and Angela and the non-stop action (whether romantic, political or physical), this book kept me hooked and made me a fan of this author and this series. More please.