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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Beautiful Cage by Alyson Reuben

A Beautiful CAge by Alyson Reuben
Publisher: The Wild Rose PRess
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (374 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Camellia

Wanted by the Gestapo, Rebecca Bloomberg is on the run for her life. Sheltering in the home of a reporter who writes absurd lies for a Nazi propaganda newspaper is hardly an ideal solution. Irresistibly drawn to the man, she dares not trust him, until she discovers his journalist position is a mask for involvement in an anti-Nazi resistance ring.

Gustav Von Furst has done all he can to perfect his mask. Neither his family nor his close friends know the truth. Hiding a Jewish girl is the most foolish risk, yet there is something about her that makes him want to protect her.

Eager to forget the outside world, Rebecca and Gustav are caught up in a private world of forbidden passion—until unexpected danger lands on their doorstep and they’re faced with a decision that will change everything. Will love demand a sacrifice too great to give?

This poignant love story, set in one of the most troubled times of modern of history, is not only about unswerving love, but also about the psychological subjugation of a people to the point that they are willing to commit genocide. The atrocities of mob-mentality sparked by Hitler create a setting for this historical romance.

Rebecca Bloomberg, the pretty, intelligent, outgoing daughter of a Jewish banker, lives a life of privilege until Nazism creeps in taking away her family, friends, money, home and everything until she is alone, vulnerable and despised as one of what Hitler labeled an inferior race of people. She is fair game to be raped and defiled if caught out on the streets. To keep from starving, she ventures into the street, is attacked, but wakes up in a nice, comfortable German home. She is conflicted but grateful to be alive.

Gustavo von Furst, the man Rebecca labeled a gorgeous blond giant the first time she saw him, wears a swastika and greets others with “Heil Hitler”. He leads a double mysterious life that is fraught with danger. However, he brings Rebecca, the girl he’d lusted for from afar, to his grandmother Bertie’s home knowing the danger he puts them all in.

Rebecca’s sojourn with Gustav and his grandmother creates a story that transports and grips one’s emotions in most unusual ways. What is morally right and what is lawfully right becomes a big issue--just how much is one willing to risk to save another person. Rebecca, who feels guilty for what she is putting her rescuers through, feels like she is in a “Beautiful Cage" because showing herself even at a window could bring torture and death to them all—but she craves the sun, fresh air, freedom.

The double agents, unsure alliances and clandestine doings keep the reader’s heart rate at top speed much of the time. Many of the secondary characters like those who frequent Martin’s Bar and the secretive Dietrich keep the reader guessing. However, the most compelling of the secondary characters are those in the back stories within the main story. They add depth, intrigue, and heartbreaking details. The true history woven into the story makes it seem real.

Alyson Reuben’s compelling, beautiful, heartfelt writing style brings to life a time in history that changed the world while she weaves in an incredible, forever love story of a disenfranchised Jewish girl and her gorgeous blond giant. Their love disregards ethnic borders and wins against tremendous odds to bring them to their happy-ever-after (with a special bonus) far from the misery they had endured.

A BEAUTIFUL CAGE is a memorable story.