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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Trinket Seller’s Daughter by Nicole Hurley‐Moore

The Trinket Seller’s Daughter by Nicole Hurley‐Moore
Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (33 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Fennel

Lost in the forest, Emelin runs for her life after her traveling party is massacred by outlaws. Sir Allard de Gerril is in pursuit of the ruthless Archer and his band when he finds Emelin. Bound by vengeance the pair seek out Archer, but as they journey through the dark woods revenge gives way to passion. With each passing day, Emelin dares to dream that there is a place for a lowly trinket seller’s daughter by the knight’s side. Yet as Archer begins to hunt the couple, Emelin fears that she and Allard will not have a future together as they may never escape the tangled wood alive.

From the first line, The Trinket Seller’s Daughter grabs your attention and holds onto it throughout the story with its fast pace and tension-packed pages. The author makes every word count, and in doing so ratchets up the tension, conflict and motivation right to the final word and full-stop.

When the hero, Sir Allard de Gerril, survives an attempt on his life he swears to hunt down his attackers. Allard is every woman’s fantasy hero: strong, tough and determined, and rarely side tracked… Until he meets Emelin after everyone in her travelling party has been massacred, including her adored father.

Shared ambitions to find and punish the perpetrators, still isn’t enough to overcome Emelin’s trust. In her heroine, the author takes a trusting young woman and sets her in situations that challenge every belief she holds dear. And Nicole Hurley‐Moore does not give her heroine the luxury of time to decide. Nor is Emelin, with her caring actions, beyond making basic mistakes that put her and Allard in immediate and critical danger.

Every character in this short story plays their part to the hilt and with full impact upon their scene. Every emotion is stirred by the skillful penmanship of this author. From the base to the beautiful, every conflict, motivation and goal, grasped this reader’s attention from the first word to the last.

The writing is powerful and vivid, the content awesome, the story is believable in almost every moment, as is the sense of place and era. Finally, the writing is fluent and punchy throughout.

The quality of her first novella makes Ms Nicole Hurley‐Moore an author to watch because her writing is enthralling.

I am delighted to rate The Trinket Seller’s Daughter a ‘five’.