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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rogue Everlasting by Lisa Phillips

Rogue Everlasting by Lisa Phillips
Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (198 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Larkspur

A New Threat Taunts Savannah’s Vampyre Dynasty …

After two hundred years of womanizing ways, powerful eternal and shameless badboy Reece Clairmont is definitely the rogue of the realm. Now with shipments going missing from the family empire and a crop of mysterious newborns making its presence known, his focus has to be on business—if only Sidney didn’t bring to mind pure pleasure.

… as an Everlasting Passion Ignites.

Dark, graceful and blessed with the rare IQ of a genius, Dr. Sidney
Campbell’s interests couldn’t be further from those of impossibly
sexy Reece. He’s all lust; she’s all logic. United by the need to
protect their loved ones, Sidney might have to expand her theories
on biology and chemistry—but can she tame a rogue and his
scandalous ways without getting her heart broken?

When you’re over two centuries old and your motto has always been love 'em and leave 'em and your now quiet heart would beat for only one woman, suddenly the title of Rogue Everlasting is in danger.

Lisa Phillips gives us one heck of a paranormal romance in Rogue Everlasting. Her plot is unique and with book stores and eReaders jammed full of Vampire romance, that says something. It’s the story itself that is amazing and the way that this storyteller spins her tale that kept me enraptured from page one to the end. Her characters are larger than life, and yet with every page I read I could easily see them floating through the night, loving their families and taking care of business like they were everyday ordinary people.

Her dialogue is a mix of Southern Charm, everyday speak and a bit of language from the times of knights and ladies, and best of all it’s easy to read and understand. Her hero, Reece Clairmont, is a rogue of the first degree and when this talented author brings him to his knees at the altar of true love she does it with flair and with heart.

Her heroine, Sidney Chambers, is all business and it’s really fun to watch as she loses her heart to our handsome rogue. The romance is timeless -- boy chases girl until she lets him catch her -- with a few paranormal issues included to make the novel hard to put down. The love scenes are sensual and tastefully understated, yet I could feel the heat myself.

The biggest sign of a great storyteller is that I couldn’t stop reading, not when domestic chores or even pleasures called to me, I had to read one more page, one more chapter until I finally closed the book with a definite sigh.

This is a must read for any lover of paranormal romance and even if you’re not a fan of the genre give this one a try because it’s just that good of a story.

Ms. Phillips I want to thank you for one of the most impressive novels I’ve ever read and I assure you that this will not be the last I read of you.