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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Playboy’s Gift by Teresa Carpenter

The Playboy’s Gift by Teresa Carpenter
Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full Length (178 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Book Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed By Dianthus

An orphan baby wasn't on playboy Rett Sullivan's Christmas list, but as the holidays approach, he finds himself drowning in a sea of bottles, nappies and toys!

Skye Miller was shocked to learn her late brother and sister-in-law left their little daughter in the care of Rett, her brother's best friend…and Skye's first love.

The only way to protect her heart is to help the novice daddy and baby bond, then make a graceful exit. But the sight of Rett's strong arms cradling the baby makes Skye weak at the knees.…

Rett Sullivan, world renowned jeweler and city wide playboy, never expected to see his old love Skye Miller again, especially after hearing that both her brother Aiden and his wife Cassie died just months apart. Rett wants to be there for Skye, but is sure that she will just continue to push him away. After the rocky past that they have together, hoping for her to come back is a lot to ask for. But with it being Christmas and the two of them needing each other more than ever, maybe this time he can wish for Santa to make her his again and forever?

Skye Miller is just trying to survive another day. All she wants is for all of this heartache and pain to be nothing more than a dream and when she wakes up for it all to be over. But so far, the dream isn’t ending, and her brother, her sister-in-law, and her baby are all dead. Can the reading of a will really change her life? Will the custody of a small child help to bring Skye back to the land of the living? Will the idea of being thrown back together with the one person she swore never to see again be the best idea of the season or will it cause nothing but more pain and heartache?

With deaths in the family, and a young Ryann hanging in the balance, can Rett and Skye come together to try and forge a family over scars of the past for the prospect of a future together?

This was truly a wonderful read that kept me guessing throughout the pages if the two main characters, Rett and Skye, would get together in the end. The additional of the small child, Ryann, added to the family aspect of the whole story and also made the stakes that much higher for the main characters to find a way to make the relationship work. With an HEA pretty much a given, Teresa Carpenter kept the "how" a secret until the very end. Her characters were complex yet normal, and the story that she wove for them was a read that let me wanting more from this family of characters. Teresa Carpenter is an author to watch for, and her work is something you will not regret buying this holiday season.