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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Man for Mia by Linda Kage

A Man for Mia by Linda Kage
Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (170 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Love is about to bloom for Mia Stallone...

Photographer Drew Harper's sister is convinced of one thing: the resident of 410 South Elm Street is her husband's mistress. The cheater had sent roses there after all. When Drew helps with a little reconnaissance at that address, he meets Mia - who doesn't seem the mistress type at all. In fact, she seems like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of woman...

Plagued by survivor's guilt from the kind of loss no one could guess, Mia Stallone is afraid to let herself be happy. When Drew shows up in her yard asking questions, she feels a spark she never thought she'd feel again. But is his interest in her only in gaining information for his sister? And will he still love her when he learns the truth behind her loss - or solves the mystery of that rose delivery?

A Man for Mia is certainly a story that tugs at the heartstrings.

Drew and Mia meet under less than ideal circumstances. When Drew walks up to Mia’s house, he has one goal; find out if Mia is his brother-in-law’s mistress. I couldn’t help but smile a little as Drew reluctantly approached Mia’s house in order to keep his sister from going crazy. However, the moment he meets Mia, he feels an attraction so powerful he can’t ignore it. It was certainly a delightful love at first sight moment.

Mia is surprised to feel something herself. For the past three years, she’d been walking around in a daze. For the first time since her tragic loss, she dares to hope she might actually have a chance at healing her soul. Unfortunately, battle lines are being drawn and Drew and Mia are on opposite sides. Drew’s true reason for visiting will soon come to light, and Mia has some secrets of her own. Will their love survive the coming conflict?

My heart literally ached for Mia. Throughout the story, Ms. Kage gave little glimpses of the loss that Mia suffered, but waited until close to the end of the book to tell the complete story. Tears were streaming down my face as Mia confessed the secret of her past to Drew. I have so much admiration for Mia as a character. She’s loving, loyal, and stronger than most people in her situation would be. I liked that her strengths were balanced by some insecurities and fears that she struggled with on a daily basis. This only made her seem more and more like a real person in my mind. Her healing process has been long, but what impressed me most about her was that she never gave up. She was terrified of seeking Drew out again after their first encounter, but she did it. Throughout the story, she kept pushing herself and testing her limits. I truly enjoyed watching her learn to live again.

Drew is a classic hero, and he had my sympathy from page one. He never directly causes any of the trouble he finds himself in, yet he always seems to be the one left to clean everything up. I found myself irritated that he was always the one to deal with the fallout. Throughout the story, Drew is trying to balance his attraction for Mia against his loyalty to his sister. Drew is certain that Mia isn’t the mistress his sister is seeking, but he does suspect that she knows who is. It was a sticky situation to say the least, yet I thought Drew handled it very well. Drew misled Mia when they first met. However, I was very pleased that he came clean about his true purpose soon and from that moment on, he is honest with her. He is also a perfect gentleman. Even before Drew knows the full story of Mia’s past, he senses that she needs to take things slowly. I loved that he was more than willing to wait until Mia was ready before taking their relationship to the next step.

A Man for Mia certainly deals with a lot of serious issues. Infidelity, abandonment, and death are all touched on. However, I must say that Ms. Kage sprinkled in just the right amount of lighter scenes to keep the story from being too ponderous. I particularly like the scene when Mia and Drew go out on their “not date” and have pizza. When Mia and Drew finally relax and flirt a little, sparks fly. I really felt that was when they started to click as a couple, and I eagerly anticipated their happy ending.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to read A Man for Mia. I recommend it to anyone seeking a touching story of love, loss, and hope. Read it with a box of tissues close at hand.