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Monday, November 21, 2011

Irish Lady by Jeanette Baker

Irish Lady by Jeanette Baker
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
genre: paranormal, historical, sci-fi/fantasy
Length: Full Length (325 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Lavender

Meghann McCarthy escaped the slums of Belfast to become a rich, successful attorney in London. Yet she can never quite banish Ireland from her heart, or forget Michael Devlin, the boy she once loved with a passion that nearly tore her apart. When Michael, a notorious Irish nationalist, becomes involved in a vicious court case, Meghann agrees to defend him. But even as she jeopardizes her hard-won success, she finds the true power and spirit of the Irish heritage she has too long denied...and the courage to face her love for Michael.

Flawlessly blended paranormal aspects and gripping Irish politics make for an exciting romance. The adventure taking place in the 1990's is the perfect complement to the emotional parallel story happening centuries before.

Interesting characters make up this story, from the brave and devoted heroine, Meghann, to Michael, a heart-breakingly tragic Irish hero. The chemistry between them is great.

Queen Elizabeth the First interacts with the adventurous, damaged characters in the sixteenth century story. It's fascinating reading their interaction. Values of the past and present-day values sometime compare strongly, but otherwise, they can clash. Could things that were acceptable or at least tolerated centuries ago, and no longer are, happen anyway now? And if so, could the offending parties get away with it? This book explores treachery.

As the book switches back and forth between the two stories, tension is kept up, so readers are not likely to be disappointed. Both stories hold great appeal. This is a paranormal (due to the ghost character visiting the lead in the nineteen nineties), historical, and modern-day book, but it is also somewhat of a thriller in a sense. The modern characters are in great danger, and the clock is ticking.

The setting is vivid, and the history takes a reader along on a wild ride. Ireland comes vibrantly to life in the mind of a reader. Different themes come into play such as love, freedom, fidelity, friendship, and so much more, mixed together with an exciting plot.

Love and life are the prizes. The alternative is unthinkable. Not everyone
in this story will have a happy ending, but those who do will be inspiring. Readers who are fans of these genres will probably love this book. I know I did.