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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Forever Kind Of Guy by Barbara Meyers

A Forever Kind Of Guy by Barbara Meyers
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (370 pages)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

Is he the real deal, or just another regret waiting to happen?

The Braddock Brotherhood, Book 2

First on Hayley Christopher’s list to get her train-wreck life back on track: stay away from men. Especially the ones who cause a ripple effect of bad decisions.

Still reeling from a high-profile divorce, the college dropout and former pro cheerleader is stumbling through yet another challenge—temporary custody of her nephew, Fletcher. No one knows better than Hayley that she’s not mother material. When she opens the door to her new landlord and old flame, she wonders just how many more past mistakes she is destined to pay for.

After the death of his wife, Ray Braddock is still putting the pieces back together. Hayley—and the silent little boy at her side—both bristle with emotional barriers so high, it appears no one but him can see that together, three broken people just might make a whole family.

As she watches Fletcher respond to Ray’s patient care, Hayley’s determination to hold on to her heart begins to soften. But just when she begins to think that Ray is one opportunity she shouldn’t let slip by, Fletcher’s gang-connected father threatens to make her pay for the one good choice she ever made…

There are plenty of people that live by a plan. And as most people know, plans can change at the drop of a hat, whether it's from a surprise in life, or changing your mind. Hayley Christopher has had plenty of changes in her plan, and she's as determined as ever to stick to her newest plan, no matter what life throws at her. Could she really walk away from what is about to become her future?

Hayley is an absolute mess. Can't blame her, though. She's been through a very public divorce, she's lost a member of her family she was very close to, and now she's got a mute child in her care that she hardly knows, but swore she'd do everything to keep him safe. Yeah, I'd say that's a lot of adjusting. She's got every right to be a wreck. Despite all of that, Hayley is strong willed and yes, at times stubborn. She's doing the best she can with what she's got. Hayley is a character that goes through a lot of changes in A Forever Kind Of Guy. Though she tried to keep her neighbor at a safe distance, her heart begins to slowly open for Ray.

Ray's a somewhat tortured hero with plenty of baggage and conflict of his own. He doesn't really need the added stress, but something draws him to Hayley. Deep down, despite the fear and worry the two have, a deeper connection forms. Ray is just as strong willed and stubborn as Hayley, and they make a perfect fit in that aspect. Both are afraid to love again. Neither of them want to be lonely forever. Both have a love for Hayley's nephew, and the child has taken a shine to Ray in the meantime.

Built on a platform of past regrets, this emotional story has full power to draw the reader in. With characters that are complex, believable, and likable, this is both a plot and character driven story. There are so many touches of real life situations that it's hard not to somehow relate to one of the characters situations. Hayley and Ray have a long way to go in putting their fears and pasts behind them, but the journey towards that goal is one not to be missed.

What's not to like about a happily ever after for two people that have been through hell and back, but yet manage to stay strong in the meantime? If you still believe in forever, then don't miss this gut wrenching, intense book about life, loss, and love in A Forever Kind of Guy.