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Friday, November 4, 2011

Crazy for You by Maddie James

Crazy for You by Maddie James
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (193 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Iris

She’s Tofu

A lovely nineties-style flower child, Tasha Smith enjoys her laid-back life at the shop where she sells organic fruits and vegetables, even though lately she’s been in a funk over a broken engagement. Determined to shake her blues, she heads down to a resort in sunny Jamaica, and along the way, hooks up with a most unlikely companion—a workaholic salesman who has no idea how sexy he looks in his Brooks Brothers suit!

He’s Beefsteak

Andrew Jacob Powel III reluctantly heads to Jamaica after winning the trip for high salesman of the month. He figures while there, he’ll handout business cards and make some new connections. But when he connects with Tasha, his professional poise begins a slow unraveling. She is at turns enchanting and exasperating—and adorably determined to tease him out of his conservative shell, not to mention that Brooks Brothers suit.

Even as a sultry passion takes them both by surprise, Andrew and Tasha know they’ll have to return to their very different lives—but their hearts keep telling them they belong together. And hearts never lie…

Some people just need a good “thunk” to the head to put them on the right path. Luckily for Andrew, there’s Tasha. Luckily for Tasha, there’s Andrew. While they are, unfortunately, stereotypical of romance characters, they are quite fortunate in that their actions are governed by the twisting and turning of author Maddie James’ imagination.

The tropical location and bus strike provided the basis for the eccentric quirks of fate that led Andrew to Tasha. True, his character’s paranoia and suspicion also played into the plot quite a bit, but that just kept things interesting.

Meanwhile, Tasha has those overwhelming urges. You know the ones – mother instinct to protect and help the poor introverted man to “blossom”, all the while fighting off the not so maternal sexual attraction that no good romance is without.

This is not the story of a grand romance. It is, however, a fun and lively story that can fulfill those moments when you need something lighthearted to read. (Well, if making a vehicle go off the side of a cliff can be termed “lighthearted”.) You can tell the author has a vivid imagination and a unique sense of humor. These qualities kept the story from being run-of-the-mill and trite. They are also what kept me reading.

Grab a copy of the story and keep it on your e-reader for those times when you “just need something . . . “ You won’t be sorry you did.