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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bittersweet by Laura Browning

Bittersweet by Laura Browning
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (195 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed By Dianthus

Can love survive a night he can’t remember but one she'll never forget?

Anna Barlow is giving herself a fresh start, leaving everything about her old life behind. With a new name, a new career and a new look, everything about her has changed since the night her daughter Becca was conceived. Anna finds out just how different she looks when an emergency farm call brings her face to face with her baby’s father...and he has no idea who she is.

Chris Stevenson is on hiatus from the world of competitive show-jumping. He’s returned to the family farm to get his life back in order. Nothing’s been right for the past year... not since the night that has remained a blank in his memory. When he meets the area’s newest veterinarian, Chris feels two things—instant lust and that he’s met her somewhere before.

As they struggle to reconcile the night he can’t remember, both Chris and Anna must learn to trust each other and the idea of what family really means.

Can one night of passion lead to something more or will the flames sizzle in the light of day? Dr. Anna Barlow doesn’t wait to find out. After waking up next to her teenage idol, Chris Stevenson, she leaves and doesn’t look back. But she takes something away with her that night, and it will inevitably draw her right back into his life. When Anna finally confesses to Chris about their night together and who she really is, will he be able to love her in the light of day or will the past stand between them?

Chris Stevenson is used to women throwing themselves at him, but he isn’t used to waking up one morning not remember anything about the night before except for a feeling of loss and regret. That feeling carries with him for over a year until one night he has to call the vet on call for an injured horse on his farm. When he meets Dr. Anna Barlow, Chris is struck with this feeling of de ja vu and that he should know her from somewhere. The night of blankness in his memory only allows him pieces of the whole story, but those pieces keep pointing him to Anna. When the truth comes out, can the feelings he has for Anna last or are they destined to be nothing more than a one night stand gone…..right?

This was a great story; the characters were very well rounded and seemed so real they could almost live off the pages of the book. The story line is something that has been played before in previous movies and novels but not to the depth and intensity that Laura Browning makes the story. She is a great author, and once the book ended I was hungry for more. I hope she makes a series out of these characters, because the glimpses she gave into the lives of them makes me want to know more. Laura Browning is definitely an author to watch out for and someone to definitely add to your reading list. You will not be disappointed in this book.