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Monday, October 3, 2011

Plymouth Colony II by Sharolyn Wells

Plymouth Colony II by Sharolyn Wells
Publisher Dessert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Science Fiction/Futuristic
Length: Full Length (168 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Larkpsur

Teris Keyes and her brother Eric are two of the few ‘lucky’ humans to escape the destruction of earth through the help of the Kelkani, who plan to use the humans to repopulate their dying empire. Stuck in an intern camp on an alien world, mourning the loss of all she once loved, Teris finds comfort in a romance with Camp Commander Kovar Not. The Elite of Kelkan don’t want this human contagion in the Kelkani bloodline, however, and the emperor compromises by exiling all mixed couples to a remote subcontinent. But that’s not enough for the Elite—especially their leader, Raetin Dare, who vows to make an example of them all. He kidnaps Teris to make her a public example. Teris must not only survive until Kovar can rescue her, but she must protect their unborn child.

A lottery a galaxy away brought her to him but it was love that was the biggest payout.

Sharolyn Wells brings us a fantastic science fiction tale full of alien beings both like and very unlike humans. Her plot is interesting, full of action, suspense and lots of danger from animal and vegetable. Her narrative is easy to understand as the aliens fortunately speak English, however it does lack a bit of flow in the beginning. But when the hoopla begins I found myself hitting the turn button on my Nook as fast as I could read the page, and she kept me enthralled for the rest of the novel.

Her characters are enigmatic, personable and horrid depending on their roles and they all play their roles very well. Her hero, Kovar Not, is what we all hope our military is full of, honorable men who do the right thing no matter the cost. Her heroine, Teris Keyes, is a perfect example of a heroine, she’s capable, educated and vulnerable too, plus they’re both open to all the possibilities you need to make a science fiction novel work.

The romance is sweet and it’s rather old fashioned and the couple faces innumerable odds to their HEA. The love scenes are sensual, but are hidden behind innuendo and masked enough to offend only the modest of readers, but even hard core romance lovers like myself will be able to visualize what’s behind closed doors to our satisfaction.

This will entertain you if you like a science fiction romance, a romance filled with angst, a romance who’s hero and heroine have an obstacle course of a courtship and a romance with many good characters.