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Monday, October 10, 2011

His Destiny by Diana Cosby

His Destiny by Diana Cosby
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (335 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Camellia

Their Secrets Will Draw Them Together

As one of England’s most capable mercenaries, Emma Astyn can charm an enemy and brandish a knife with unmatched finesse. Assigned to befriend Dubh Duer, an infamous Scottish rebel, she assumes the guise of innocent damsel Christina Moffat to intercept the writ he’s carrying to a traitorous bishop. But as she gains the dark hero’s confidence and realizes they share a tattered past, compassion—and passion—distract her from the task at hand…

But The Truth May Tear Them Apart

His legendary slaying of English knights has won him the name Dubh Duer, but Sir Patrik Cleary MacGruder is driven by duty and honor, not heroics. Rescuing Christina from the clutches of four such knights is a matter of obligation for the Scot. But there’s something alluring about her fiery spirit, even if he has misgivings about her tragic history. Together, they’ll endure a perilous journey of love and betrayal, and a harrowing fight for their lives…

Traumatic experiences in childhood govern the psyche of both Emma Astyn and Sir Patrik Cleary MacGruder.

Unloved, abused, and alone in late thirteenth century-England, Emma (aka Christine Moffat) has no thought of morals and ethics. Surviving by her wits and cunning, she has become a top mercenary spy for England. If the money is right, she is happy to do an assignment and is not particularly concerned about who might get hurt in the process—that is until she goes to Scotland to gain information and to expose the legendary Dubh Duer (Patrik).

When he “saves” her from English knights, his gentle touch, quiet strength, and promised protection make her deceit taste bitter, but she knows she must do her job if she wants to live. Her journey, in this story, from being “a-not-too-likeable” heroine to being a heroine that I cried for, makes Hist Destiny an enthralling tale.

Patrik’s hatred for the English, after he watched them kill his family, drives him to do some despicable things. Some of these things alienates him from the MacGruders, his adoptive family whom he loves as if they were blood kin. If you’ve had the good fortune to read Diana Cosby’s His Captive, His Woman and His Conquestyou’ll remember Patrik and the intriguing, powerful MacGruders from these fascinating tales.

Even though His Destiny is set in one of the most horrific times in the history of England and Scotland, English Emma’s and Scottish Patrik’s hearts and souls connect, refusing to be influenced by politics or ideologies. The unintended love that grows between these two very secretive people is a thing of beauty amongst a lot of ugliness. The love scenes touch the tender, caring spot in the heart that reaches far deeper than just the carnal pleasure, even though that part is breathtaking.

Diana Cosby immerses the reader in the harsh, yet beautiful, almost mystical environment of Scotland—the haunting mist, the bright beauty on a sunny day, and the majestic castle of the MacGruders with its “grandmother’s” room where peace and a bit of magic can be felt. She adds the touches of history to give a fine sense of time and place. But, more especially, she makes the characters so believable as they show their weaknesses, strengths, and what and whom they believe in enough to die for.

His Destiny is a journey back in time that enchants with an awesome love story of two wounded hearts and souls that find redemption and love together. Good reading!