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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catriona by Jeanette Baker

Catriona by Jeanette Baker
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: contemporary, historical, paranormal, sci-fi/fantasy
Length: Full Length (381 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Lavender

Kate Sutherland’s arrival in the misty moors of her ancestral home in the Shetland Islands was supposed to cure her visions of danger, intrigue…and a sexy powerful Scottish border lord. Instead, she discovers that she’s been living the tormented memories of Catriona Wells, a beautiful young woman of royal blood who lived five centuries before.

Shielding a dark secret from her past, Catriona was willing to do anything to save her young brother from the deadly politics of her royal family—even agree to an arranged marriage with the formidable Patrick MacKendrick. But would daring to love the hardened warrior who desired her so fiercely destroy her family… or finally allow her to heal?

Meanwhile, Kate is battling her own attraction to Niall MacCormack, an alluring Scottish historian. As the pull of history beckons, Kate has her own decision to make: choose the life and love of her present, or risk everything in Catriona’s world of passion and peril.

Can the future change the past? If not, that future will suffer. In this book, the two are linked, and it goes in both directions. Interesting, magical, supernatural concepts are touched upon here. with breathtaking descriptions of setting, Catriona is set mostly in Scotland, the Shetland Islands.

The author has a wonderful grasp of the culture, bringing it to refreshing life. The entrancing atmosphere and feel of the story comes across as well as in Ms. Baker¹s other books. However, the style of writing differs from the last book of hers I read. Having readLegacy last I was quite impressed with the author¹s gift for words, elegance of phrasing etc. so chose this book (Catriona) to read. However, in this book, the technical execution was not as brilliant, not as graceful. Still, Catriona is fast-paced and attention holding.

Fascinating concepts are addressed such as (from the book) "Sometimes the windows of time open for a later self to step inside and provide help."

Kate Sutherland, Scottish born and American raised, is a great character. She goes back to Scotland filled with questions after discovering that she was adopted. A woman from the past, from the 15th century, is calling to her in the future for help. Will Kate be able to aid this woman? The suspense is strong enough to keep one turning pages. Kate's dreams disturb her. What can she possibly do? How can she help someone who's been dead for hundreds of years? Is there anything people can do to stop fate?

Cat, Kate's counterpart in the past is a good character too, strong yet vulnerable. She has to learn to rely on someone other than herself. When reading about her time, the 15th century, the reader is treated to rich historical details.

The men in this book, Kate's Niall, and Cat's Patrick, are strong men who assertively look out for their women.  The story going on in the past is a great parallel for what Kate is going through in the present with her family and romantic interest.

There are confusing parts in this book but not enough to interfere with the enjoyment of the story. The ending did not disappoint. Jeanette Baker is an author to check out for readers who love Scotland and that beautiful
culture. She connects the past and present wonderfully.