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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Callie’s Honor by Kathleen Lawless

Callie’s Honor by Kathleen Lawless
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (310 Pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

After her husband's unmourned death, Callie Lambert looks forward to peaceful years on her Oregon ranch, doing things her way. Yet all too soon a handsome stranger shows up, a man who chips away at her façade without even trying and turns her dreams of solitude upside down.

Rafe Millar seeks only revenge for his brother's murder, and then he will move on. Settling down is not for him, not anymore. But something in Callie's defiant green eyes and proud spirit makes him care more than he wants to—until he discovers the murdering scoundrel is not only Callie’s neighbor but a rival for her hand in marriage.

You live alone in the middle of nowhere trying to make a life for yourself when a stranger rides up to your home towing a lost cow that you know is yours. Do you welcome him, shun him or fear him?

Of course, you welcome him and thank him…all the while aiming your shot gun at him. That is how Callie Lambert met Rafe Millar. Rafe is not here accidentally…he is here to avenge the death of his brother at the hands of Callie’s neighbor and his two sons. Knowing that Callie is recently widowed and in need of some extra help with her ranch only made the trip a little easier for Rafe. This is the only way to get close to Denzell and prove he is a murderer. So a night sleeping in her barn in exchange for some small chores around the ranch lead to a longer stay. So why does he make her so unsettled?

Surviving a nightmare of a marriage to a drunken, abusive man, freedom was all Callie was looking for, not the stirring that came each time Rafe was around. Not to mention her distaste for the pursuits of her neighbor, who just happens to want her land. His concern for her, his constant offers of purchase... what does it hold that he wants it so badly? But confusion and accusations about Rafe’s true identity, a hasty marriage and an unexpected arrival all pull together to ensure that Rafe will find out!

Callie is a survivor, a product of her determination to build her life for herself and no one else. The emotional and physical scars she carries are crying out for the right man to remove. However, Rafe is a man on a mission. But Callie’s presence puts a roadblock on his plans for revenge. He is kind, caring, almost to a fault but determined to protect her while trying to follow his own destiny. Their chemistry is shouting out from the very first time they meet and never cools, it just steadily simmers until it finally boils over.

Kathleen Lawless is a new author to me and I enjoyed this story very much. She does the dynamics of a new relationship so well that you are drawn in instantly, with no thought of leaving. She keeps the tension steady and the desire unrelenting throughout without so much as a detour no matter what circumstances are thrown to our unprepared lovers. And believe me; some of the curve balls unexpected and just add to the enjoyment of the storyline.

If you have not been introduced to the works of Kathleen Lawless, this is an excellent place to start, just like I did!! You will not regret it.