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Friday, October 28, 2011

Borealis: That Syncing Feeling by Michelle Levigne

Borealis: That Syncing Feeling by Michelle Levigne
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (57 Pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Foxglove

On the other side of a space anomaly, Rover Pilot Nureen Keala came face-to-face with her childhood hero. Problem: Creed died fifty years ago in a devastating space battle. Telepathically linked with a shapeshifting creature named Tessur, Nureen had to get her scout craft repaired and get off the Borealis, but she wasn't sure who she could trust. Certainly not this Tedrin Creed look-alike, and maybe not even Tessur. Forget the TPP.

Tedrin Creed had been stuck on the Borealis five years, after falling through the space anomaly during a massive battle. He doubted Nureen's claim to be a Rover -- the uniform and technology were totally wrong. Problem: she sure reminded him of his best friend, "Killer" Keala. Bigger problem: the anomaly was closing, time was running out, and he had to convince someone he didn't quite trust to escape with him now -- or never.

That Syncing Feeling is a sweet and delightful love story, filled with adventure and humor, and unusual creatures.

In orbit around Sestus-3 sits an aging space station under the control of the Trans Planetary Protectorate. The Borealis is slowly falling apart as the TPP funnels its massive resources into the border wars and keeping the outlaying systems in line. The Borealis is a hive of villainy where anything -- or anyone -- can be bought or sold if the price is right. This is one tale of the people on both sides of the law, the beings who inhabit the Borealis.

As the youngest chief pilot for the Galactic Fleet, Nureen Keala is well aware of her responsibilities to the fleet. As a Rover, she has a special affinity for her ships, and needs down time occasionally, taking off in her small ship, the Slipstream. On one such trip, she encounters a vortex similar to the one Creed vanished through, with a small ship calling for help trapped there. As Nureen tries to help, she is pulled into the vortex along with the creature she rescued, a shape morphing being named Tessur.

When they exit in the alternate universe of the vortex, she realizes she is lost. Greeted by beings in a language she doesn’t recognize, she allows Tessur to aid her. When she is taken aboard the aging space station for interrogation, the first face she sees is one though long dead, Tedrin Creed. But he looks no older than the holo vids from home, so she believes he’s an imposter. Creed sees his old friend in this lovely young woman, but believes she is a trap from the TPP to trick him. Can these two come to terms with who they are? Can Nureen uncover the truth about this Tedrin Creed and keep her heart intact? Can they make it back to their own dimension and still find a life together?

Michelle Levigne has added to the Borealis family with a romantic story of finding love where you least expect it, and with the most unlikely couple. I found this to be a fun filled and action packed adventure, with tongue in cheek humor, sweet first love and lots of danger along the way.

Nureen Keala is smart, courageous and a bit of a dreamer. She is following in her grandfather’s footsteps, and trying not to disappoint those in command of the Fleet. She grew up with tales of Commodore Tedrin Creed, the hero who saved the day fifty years ago, then vanished into a vortex in mid battle. All new pilots studied his tactics, but Nureen also had a major teenage crush on him. As her grandfather’s best friend, Creed was often discussed at her home. I loved Nureen, with her daring attitude and her sassy remarks. I liked that she didn’t instantly believe Creed was the real deal, but made him prove his identity.

Tedrin Creed is strong and smart, and has waited five years for the chance to find a way off the Borealis and back home. What he doesn’t know is that five years on Borealis equals fifty years on the other side of the vortex, and that this is what has caused Nureen’s suspicious nature to reject his identity. Once he learns the truth, he understands and plans accordingly. I like Creed’s determination and his tenacity, and the way he finally was able to come to terms with his feelings for his best friend’s granddaughter.

The secondary characters in this are few but interesting. Tessur is a morphing shape changer, able to become anything that is even remotely organic, and this talent saves the day more than once in this adventure. My favorite comic relief was the addition of three TPP scientists assigned to keep watch over Tedrin Creed, Drs. Moek, Kerli and Lairy. They were clueless as to Creed’s intentions, and his ability to trick them was priceless.

There is a bit of adventure and danger as the trio of Nureen, Tedrin and Tessur make their escape from Borealis, and I was on the edge of my seat through most of the story. Do they make it back to their dimension and find a life together? You’ll just have to read That Syncing Feeling to find out.