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Friday, September 30, 2011

Lovership of the Stake by J Morgan

Lovership of the Stake by J Morgan
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publications
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (219 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Foxglove

Joan Ravell thought she'd pretty much had her life figured out until a hit squad shows up interrupting that carefully laid out delusion. Next thing she knows, she finds herself drawn into the first Vampire war in three thousands years. That wouldn't be so bad, but her dead lover turns up unabashedly alive, truly blowing her world apart. Fighting emotions she'd locked away ages ago, Joan must team with the one time love of her life to unravel the ancient secret that now threatens not only the Vampire race but the entire world. Can the world survive a tension that's been building for over three thousand years? Oh, and then there's the Vampires planning to bring back the ultimate evil. Just another small problem to deal with when you're the original Queen of the Damned.

In this, the fifth and final book in J Morgan’s riotously funny Love Bites series, many of the threads that have connected the books are finally brought to a satisfactory end.

When you’ve been around more than three thousand years, you tend to make a few enemies along the way. Joan Ravell is one of the original vampires, and she has made lots of people angry in that time. Still, she has noticed that lately people keep trying to kill her. Joan is more than ready to take on all comers, but just when she is sure things can’t get stranger, her first and only love shows up to save her from the latest wave of assassins.

Since Joan watched Draken Ragul die three thousand years ago, she is stunned to learn he is still alive, and even more shocked to learn he has been following her for most of those three thousand years, staying in the background but watching over her.

When Joan discovers there is a plot to destroy her family, she decides to find the one behind the plot, and stop it once and for all. To do that, she and Draken must join her family in the hunt for the First Fallen, stay alive and stop the total destruction of the world as we know it. Then there’s the little matter of the love Joan still has for Draken, and her determination not to be hurt again. After all she has spent three thousand years trying to get over losing him and their baby, and now everything is up in the air for her.

Can this motley group of assorted vampires, humans and other beings get ahead of the one responsible for all the chaos? Can they find the First Fallen and prevent the end of the world? Can Joan forgive Draken for not being dead, and admit her love?

I love the humor and sarcasm Mr. Morgan injects into his writing, and the multitude of pop culture references continues to make me laugh at his sense of the absurd. The characters are all so much larger than life, and in this book, we are reunited with those we have come to know and love from previous books: Demetrious, Eli, Lyssette and the rest of the Ravell and de Mecini clans all make appearances here.

Joan Ravell has done everything in her power to forget the love of her life. She has spent three thousand years trying to get over her loss, and now here he is, back and complicating life for her. I love Joan, with her self absorbed and egocentric attitude. She is ready to kick butt and take names later, a strong and determined woman. I enjoyed her snarky and sarcastic take on life, and enjoyed watching as her love for Draken slowly surfaced to change her forever. I also had to laugh as Joan continued to name drop about the many historical figures she was involved with through the years, and her effect on each one.

Draken Ragul has been watching over Joan since his ‘death’ three thousand years ago. The proverbial tall dark and gorgeous hero, he still loves Joan with all his heart. He is loyal and regrets the pain he caused by leaving her alone all this time. I loved watching as he tried to convince Joan to take another chance on him and their love. He had his reasons for staying hidden, now if he can just stay alive long enough to explain, maybe he will earn forgiveness.

There is lots of action and humor in this story, along with a sweet romantic reunion. Joan and Draken get their happy forever after, and with it comes a marvelous surprise for them.

I was sad to see the end of the Love Bites series. But be warned, he promises to continue with the next part of the saga with the first of five books in the upcoming Bite Marks books, carrying on where the Love Bites series ended. I recommend this series for those who like laughter, sarcasm and a lot of romantic silliness in their lives.