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Friday, September 23, 2011

Holly Lane by Toni Blake

Holly Lane by Toni Blake
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday (Christmas)
Length: Full Length (370 Pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

The weather outside is frightful, but kisses by the fire are so delightful . . .

Sue Ann Simpkins is working hard to rebuild her life and find some holiday spirit. A weekend away from Destiny in a cabin on nearby Bear Lake seems like the perfect Christmas gift to herself—until her ex’s best friend, Adam Becker, shows up at the door, claiming the cabin is his! And if that’s not trouble enough, how had she never noticed how gorgeous he was?

Alone for the holidays and forced to play a reindeer at the local department store, Adam’s been feeling rather Scrooge-ish himself. But finding the smart, sexy woman he’s admired since elementary school waiting in the house he rented is helping to brighten his humbug mood. And when a sudden snowstorm strands them together in very close quarters, leading to one very hot night together, Adam soon realizes that what he really wants for Christmas is a second chance at love. Now all he has to do is convince Sue Ann . . .

Starting over is not as easy as people think, especially when you need to start over in the same town that your ex husband is living with his new wife.

Sue Ann is a Destiny child, born and raised in Destiny and then raising her daughter in the small town she loves.

But her husband decided the upset her perfect world by admitting that he no longer loves her and does love someone else. His betrayal is more than she can take. So a couple of days in the mountains, away from everyone is just what the doctor orders until the resort overbooks the cabin she is staying and in walks a man. But not just any man, her ex-husband's best friend, Adam Becker.

Throw in a snowstorm, lock her up in a romantic cabin with Adam, mix in a couple of drinks and uh oh, Adam is not only looking very sexy but then the kissing begins and then clothes start flying. But this is the Adam that is a steady part of her life, the godfather to her daughter, the voice of reason for her scattered life. Sue Ann is not of the trusting nature about men right now and Adam may be right guy but at the wrong time. His caring, trust and love overwhelm her but at the same time she desires him more than ever.

A phone call from her exhusband puts Adam in a no win situation but his feelings for Sue Ann complicate his relationship with his lifelong friend.

Sue Ann is a hardened woman who is out to protect her heart and her daughter but Adam is the perfect man who loves with his whole being. And he loves Sue Ann. Just what will it take for them to meet in the middle, make a memorable Christmas and a life together?

This is book four in the Destiny series and Toni Blake keeps it fresh and fun. Visitors from the previous books catch you up with the lives of Destiny's lovers and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the roads their lives have taken.

A good book and a good series that I highly recommend.